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Cambodia tourism sector increased 15pc in first nine months

Posted by khmernews on November 17, 2010

Global financial crisis really affected strongly Cambodia tourism industry which is one of four pillar sectors to drive the growth of Cambodian economy. During the first 9 months of 2010, the number of foreign tourists increased 15 percent.

According to the statistics from the Ministry of Tourism, the number of foreign tourists who traveled to Cambodia via land, air, and sear was up to 1,803,180 tourists about 14,6 percent from 1,573,940 tourists in the same period last year.

Tith Chantha, director general at the Tourism Ministry, was quoted by the post as saying that Cambodia aims to meet a goal of 2.5 million international visitors during 2010, up from 2.16 million last year.

He added that “growth could be at around 15 percent for all of 2010 because of economic recovery, more regional flight connections and broad promotions.”

Most of foreign tourists are coming from Korea, China, Thailand and other Countries.



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Chemical use for crops and food

Posted by khmernews on November 17, 2010

Presently, Cambodian farmers still keep utilizing a high amount of chemicals in crops and food supply. Seang Huy, executive director of the Cambodian Chemical Association, told VOA Khmer that the chemical exposure can be dangerous, so bother consumers and producers must pay more attention to the problem.

She added that “some banned agricultural chemicals are still in use amongst Cambodian farmers. We also see some chemicals used as food additives.”

Chan Sarun, Agriculture Minister, told a meeting of government and development officials on July 14, that “the ministry is considering convention membership because we want to prevent other countries from using Cambodia as a trash bin for their hazardous chemicals and pesticides,” reported VOA Khmer.

Seang Huy said some banned chemicals like some insecticides are still in use in Cambodia, even though the country has banned more than 100 of them.

However, she acknowledged that the use of natural insecticides was harder for farmers, who are under pressure to meet market demands for low-cost goods.

The Rotterdam Convention requires proper labeling and instructions from countries of origin for chemicals, as well as disclosures on restrictions or bans of the chemicals. Both Thailand and Vietnam are among the 134 parties to the convention.


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Brief Biography of Dr. Joseph E. Stiglitz

Posted by khmernews on October 26, 2007

Dr. Joseph E. Stiglitz received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001 for his seminal work on the economic implications of information asymmetries. He was the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers during the Clinton Administration, and was awarded the prestigious John Bates Clark Award, given biennially by the American Economic Association to the one economist under 40 who has made the most significant contribution to the field. He helped create a new branch of economics, “The Economics of Information,” and has made major contributions to macro-economics and monetary theory, development economics and trade theory, public and corporate finance, and to the theories of industrial and rural organization. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by khmernews on October 26, 2007

WHEN: 24 – 26 October, 2007

Nobel Laureate Dr. Joseph E. Stiglitz, internationally renowned economist and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, will be visiting Cambodia to offer an outlook for the global and regional economies and related emerging opportunities and risks for developing countries like Cambodia. Read the rest of this entry »

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World Bank: Time to move to next level of development

Posted by khmernews on August 15, 2007

Development Weekly
#155, August 13-19, 2007

World Bank (WB) President Robert Zoellick on August 6 declared that now is the time for Cambodia to take tough decisions on corruption, governance and economic outlook, in order to successfully compete in the region and the world, reported newspapers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Justice and Economic Policy, Nationally and Internationally

Posted by khmernews on November 20, 2006

The party congresses of Funcinpec and the Cambodia People’s Party have both ended with confidence that the present coalition agreements, as well as the present top leadership positions, assure stability into the future.

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