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CAMBODIA TRIBUNAL MONITOR — Can the Royal Pardon and Amnesty Save Ieng Sary?

Posted by khmernews on June 29, 2011

CAMBODIA TRIBUNAL MONITOR — Can the Royal Pardon and Amnesty Save Ieng Sary?
By Christine Evans, Northwestern University School of Law, LL.M. (International Human Rights) 2011.

The second day of initial hearings in Trial 002 in the ECCC brought a more subdued courtroom decidedly different from the trial’s opening day, as the parties refrained from the spirited debate and posturing for the public that had marked much of Monday’s proceedings. The judges seemed impatient to return to the planned agenda, and the parties seemed ready to oblige, limiting comments to the scope of the prescribed proceedings for most of day.

Throughout the day, the atmosphere in the public gallery also reflected the more reserved character of the courtroom, as the seats took longer to fill at the beginning of the day and were more quickly abandoned after each session was adjourned. Although the audience generally mirrored that at Monday’s hearings, with a mix of Buddhist monks and nuns, Cambodian villagers, and secondary school students, the number of foreign observers was noticeably lower, as seen by the large stock of translation headsets, nearly depleted on Monday, that remained as the day’s proceedings began. Read the rest of this entry »


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Posted by khmernews on June 29, 2011


(Unofficial translation by the Documentation Center of Cambodia)

A delegation of 245 people from the capital city Phnom Penh and provinces all over the Kingdom of Cambodia met January 25, 1999 in the General Assembly, Session 2 of the Democratic National United Movement (DNUM) under the chairmanship of His Excellency Ieng Sary, Head of the DNUM.  After listening and discussing on various reports from all the sources, the Summit unanimously worked out a general declaration as follows:

On December 25, 1998, His Excellency Khieu Samphan, Former Head of State of the Democratic Kampuchea (DK) Regime, and His Excellency Nuon Chea, Former Chairman of the People’s Representative Assembly of the Democratic Kampuchea (DK) Regime, jointly sent a letter to Samdech Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia, solemnly declaring their recognition of the royal leadership of His Royal Majesty Norodom Sihanouk, King of Cambodia, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and the incumbent Royal Government of Cambodia.  They also declared their return into the society as simple citizens in order to help contribute to the national healing and reconciliation by ending the country’s internal division and joining in the restoration and building of Cambodia. Read the rest of this entry »

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UN Chief Invited to Cambodia to Check on Rights

Posted by khmernews on June 29, 2011

Los Angeles Times, Saturday, October 10, 1978

 Deputy Premier Ieng Sary of Cambodia said Friday he has invited UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim to visit the country and “see with his own eyes the truth of human rights charges” against its Communist government.

A UN spokesman said Waldheim was considering the invitation.

A Canadian report made to the UN Commission on Human Rights last month accused the Cambodian government of “violating almost every article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” The declaration is a key UN document adopted in 1948.

On Thursday, 80 senators called for international action to stop what they called genocide by the Cambodian government against its people. The 48 Democrats and 32 Republicans signed a letter initiated by Sen. George McGovern (D-SD) asking the Administration to place Cambodia’s behavior on the agenda of the UN Security Council.

Ieng Sary, making his third visit to the United Nations as deputy premier in charge of foreign relations, said at a news conference that “indeed there were difficulties in 1975 and 1976.”

He referred to the forced evacuation of Cambodian cities right after the Communist takeover and said this had presented “some difficulties.”

But he said, “If we did not drive away the people from the city surely many would have been killed by now.” He did not explain the point further.

He said that after initial difficulties, “now these people from the city see they can live in the countryside more easily than before.”

In reply to questions, Ieng Sary told reporters that the country’s former ruler, Prince Norodom Sihanouk, is living comfortably in his palace, that Western journalists can visit the country and that Cambodia would welcome diplomatic relations with the United States.

He said the devastation of war had left the country without facilities to handle visiting correspondents and that the number who could come was still restricted. But he added, “We have nothing to hide,” and Japanese correspondents had recently toured the country.

He said requests to visit the country were being handled as rapidly as facilities permitted and “perhaps the turn for America will come in November or December. We are opening progressively our doors and invite you to visit our country,” he said.

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