Chemical use for crops and food

Posted by khmernews on November 17, 2010

Presently, Cambodian farmers still keep utilizing a high amount of chemicals in crops and food supply. Seang Huy, executive director of the Cambodian Chemical Association, told VOA Khmer that the chemical exposure can be dangerous, so bother consumers and producers must pay more attention to the problem.

She added that “some banned agricultural chemicals are still in use amongst Cambodian farmers. We also see some chemicals used as food additives.”

Chan Sarun, Agriculture Minister, told a meeting of government and development officials on July 14, that “the ministry is considering convention membership because we want to prevent other countries from using Cambodia as a trash bin for their hazardous chemicals and pesticides,” reported VOA Khmer.

Seang Huy said some banned chemicals like some insecticides are still in use in Cambodia, even though the country has banned more than 100 of them.

However, she acknowledged that the use of natural insecticides was harder for farmers, who are under pressure to meet market demands for low-cost goods.

The Rotterdam Convention requires proper labeling and instructions from countries of origin for chemicals, as well as disclosures on restrictions or bans of the chemicals. Both Thailand and Vietnam are among the 134 parties to the convention.



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