Press Release Summary: first 50 days of the “Duch”-trial

Posted by khmernews on July 27, 2009

Press Release Summary: first 50 days of the “Duch”-trial on 27 July 2009

Monday 27 July marks the 50th day of the trial against Kaing Guek Eav alias Duch since its commencement on 30 March 2009. Mr. Kaing is accused of crimes against humanity, war crimes and violation of certain provision in the Cambodian Criminal Code of 1956.

Thus far, two experts (Nayan Chanda and Craig Etcheson), 11 fact witnesses and seven Civil Parties have given testimonies before the Trial Chamber. An additional seven fact witnesses, one expert (David Chandler) and 20 Civil Parties are scheduled to give testimonies until 26 August which is the period currently scheduled by the Trial Chamber. An end-date for the trial proceedings has not been set yet. The Trial Chamber has rendered 11 written decisions and a number of oral decisions on procedural matters since the start of the trial. There is continued public interest in the ongoing trial. 404 for representatives from national and international media have been accredited, and an average of 45 media representatives have covered the proceedings on a daily basis. The trial is being broadcasted live every day on CTN on antenna, cable and satellite and by Radio Free Asia webcast. TV Apsara is also broadcasting the daily proceedings with a delay.

12,996 visitors have attended the first 50 days of the trial, making an average of 259 visitors per day.

March (trial days 1-2):
Reading of the Closing Order, hearing submissions on agreed facts, etc. No witnesses testified during the first two days.

April (trial days 3-15):
The Accused was questioned about facts related to M-13 security office and the establishment of S-21. The first four witnesses testified. These were Mr. Francois Bizot, Mr. Uch Sorn, Mr. Chan Voeun and Mr. Chan Khan.

May (trial days 16-23):
The Accused was questioned about armed conflict ,implementation of Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK) policies at S-21. Two experts, Mr. Nayan Chanda and Dr. Craig Etcheson gave testimonies.

June (trial days 24-36):
The Accused was questioned about armed conflict, implementation of CPK policies at S-21 and the functioning of S-21, S-24 and Choeung Ek. One witness, Mr. Vann Nath testified.

July (trial days 37-50):
Five witnesses ( Mr. Norng Chanpal, Mr. Mam Nai, Mr. Him Huy, Mr. Prak Khan and Mr. Kok Sros, Mr. Sous Thy)  and seven Civil Parties believed to be survivors of S-21 (Mr. Chum Mey, Mr. Bou Meng, Mr. Ly Hor, Mr Lay Chan, Mr. Phaok Khan, Ms. Chin Met, Ms. Nam Mon ) testified about the functioning of S-21 and Choeung Ek.

Daily transcripts of the proceedings as well as some of the materials presented in the court room are available at:

Photos from the daily proceedings are available at:

These pictures can be used freely by the media provided that a clear photo credit is given to ECCC.

For further information, please contact:
Reach Sambath
Chief Public Affairs, ECCC
Mobile: +855-12 488 156
Fax: +855-23 219 841

Lars Olsen
Legal Communications Officer, ECCC
Mobile: +855 (0) 12 488 023
Tel: +855 (0) 23 219 814 ext. 6169

Dim Sovannarom
Press Officer, ECCC
Mobile: +855-12 488 094
Tel: +855 (0) 23 219 814


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