Pol Pot regime survivors not to pardon KR leaders if they admit guilt, make public apology

Posted by khmernews on July 22, 2009

Kampot Province: As the Khmer Rouge trial is being held, Pol Pot regime Khmer-Islamic survivors reacted they would not pardon former Khmer Rouge leaders if they admitted crimes committed during the regime and make public apology.

They made a strong reaction while responding to Youk Chhang, the director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam), questioning that whether they pardon former Khmer Rouge leaders if they acknowledge crimes committed and make public apology. The questioning came as the DC-Cam was distributing 500 books of “Democratic Kampuchea History (1975-1979)” and “Searching for the Truth” magazines for free to Kampot’s Khmer-Islamic people last weekend. “I will not pardon them if they admit guilt because they killed my entire relatives,” angrily shouted a 73-year-old man, Min Soeu, as the question was put on Khmer-Islamic people.

The white hair and mustache man angrily said, “If they are not found guilty, and handed over to me, I will cut their abdomens and kill them,” showing anger at the killing of his relatives and torture on him in the era.

Min Soeu recounts persecution in Pol Pot regime, “I was used to take human excrement to water crops, a work we could not think of. If we reject them, they would assign other works in which they said ‘death’.”

“I had done the work for long,” he continued. “Because I did a good job, I have survived the regime. But my seven relatives were taken to be killed. So I cannot pardon them.”

Soeu Math, 51, similarly says, “I will not pardon the Khmer Rouge leaders because their crimes were inhumane, causing the deaths of their own people. It was an intentional guilt.”

“In reality, I admit that the regime was so cruel, causing killing, torture, and starvation to the people of many different races,” Soeun Math adds.

Hem Neth, 53, reacts, “I will not pardon all the Khmer Rouge leaders because they killed the people. So they have to be punished. If the court convicts them for life, it would be better.”

Though punishment is reacted, a handful agrees to pardon the Khmer Rouge leaders, saying if they are all killed, can the deceased survive?

Touch Y Sam, 57, says, “We should pardon them. If they are killed, what will we get? And those who died will not survive. It means we should not take revenge against and kill them by ourselves, but let the court take legal action against them.”

Unofficial Translation
Extract from the Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol 17, #4949, Saturday, 18 July 2009.


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