Gov’t awaits UN to resume talk on tribunal’s anti-irregularity mechanism

Posted by khmernews on May 25, 2009

Phnom Penh: The government of Cambodia is still open to await talk with the UN on legal usage technique, anti-irregularity mechanism, or anti-corruption mechanism within the Khmer Rouge tribunal, according to Phay Siphan, spokesman for the Council of Ministers.

In 20 May’s press conference on ‘the progress of the Khmer Rouge tribunal’ organized by the Cambodian Club of Journalist, CCJ, Phay Siphan urged and encouraged journalists to asked him about allegations of corruption-without-evidence within the Khmer Rouge tribunal. Phay Siphan referred to local English written newspapers which dug up allegations of corruption in the tribunal.Once Phay Siphan finished his statement instantly, a journalist of The Cambodia Daily put questions to Phay Siphan about a failed discussion between UN’s assistant general secretary Peter Taksoe- Jensen and Deputy Prime Minister Sok An, who also acts as minister in charge of the tribunal.

Disagreement between the UN representative and the Cambodian government over 8 April 2008’s discussion prompted the UN representative to leave a letter on a table for a response from the government. How will the government respond to the UN’s letter concerning the anti-corruption mechanism?

The government of Cambodia and the UN had already reached policy over anti-corruption mechanism, Phay Siphan responded. Cambodia and the UN are also counterparts to render justice to the people of Cambodia in regular proceedings of the hybrid court.

Phay Siphan failed to state how the Cambodian government would respond to the UN’s letter. But outside the press conference, Phay Siphan outlined that Cambodia was still open to Peter Taksoe- Jensen to resume talk on the anti-corruption mechanism even though the two sides failed to reach a written mechanism. Cambodia still takes stance on what Cambodia and the UN agreed on 23 February 2009: anti-irregularity mechanism or anti-corruption mechanism already approved to ensure individual freedom for filing complaints, expanding Cambodia-UN confidence, and talk on a joint solution for complaints filed by tribunal’s staff. For all these mechanism, Cambodia chairs the UN side.

Lars Olsen, Legal Communications Officer and spokesperson for UN’s side, claimed that newspapers printed that the UN had withdrew from the Khmer Rouge tribunal because of disagreement over a new anti-corruption mechanism. But this is just a publication of the papers. Until now no UN side’s staff has been seen to withdraw.

Consideration into withdrawal from tribunal’s cooperation was not in the UN’s agenda at this time, Lars Olsen said. It was necessary to make the tribunal complete its proceedings. The UN will make further effort to resume talk with the Cambodian government to revise some issues to precede the tribunal effectively.

Cambodian government representative and the UN side also raised general progress aspect in the Khmer Rouge tribunal proceedings since the establishment of the tribunal on 26 February 2006. Five former Khmer Rouge leaders and those most responsible in Democratic Kampuchea, DK, are arrested. Especially the trial of Duch is a positive sign which government officials and the Khmer Rouge tribunal officials have outlined at the conference.

Unofficial Translation

Extract from the Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol 17, #4899, Thursday, 21 May 2009.


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