Media Guidance for Public Hearing

Posted by khmernews on February 12, 2009

Media Guidance for Public Hearing

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) aims to provide access and information on its activities to media representatives, both local and international. The Public Affairs Section is the external face of the ECCC and works to assist media during public court hearing and to support and coordinate public and media relations with the ECCC.

Media Accreditation

Accreditation to the ECCC is required for media representative covering the work of the ECCC. To receive an accreditation, media representatives are requested to fill out a media accreditation form and provide a photo. Public Affairs Section staff is expected to be helpful to cardholders and where possible try to accommodate their needs. Media accreditation can be downloaded from or can be got from Public Affairs Section at the ECCC.

Press Room (C105)

The Press Room (C105) is reserved for accredited media representatives. When approved by the Judges, video and audio hook-ups for live feed in Khmer English and French are available in this room. Twenty hook-ups for video live feed and sixteen hook-ups for audio live feed in each language are available. Two video screens with loud speakers in English are provided.

Seats in the main court room

The Public Affairs Section allocates 30 seats for media representatives in the main court room in addition to seats in the Press Room (C105). Those who seek seats in the main court room are suggested to register in advance and should be in their allocated seats 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the court proceedings. Writing material is permitted, however any electronic equipment which could be used to record sound or images (including mobile phones, recording devices and laptops) are not allowed in the court room at any time. Secure media storage lockers located in the Internet Room (C108) outside the courtroom will be provided for any such equipment brought to the ECCC premises. Participants in the main court room shall maintain dignity and proper behaviour all the time and shall wear appropriate clothing as prescribed in the Court Regulations.

Photo Opportunity

On occasion the judges of the Chamber may allow a short opening photo opportunity (about five minutes) of a court proceeding. A pooling arrangement consisting of six media representatives – three photojournalists and three video journalists – will be established to take part in the Photo-Op. Three still photojournalists for the pool will consist of one local media representative, one international media representative, and one wire service representative. One local TV representative, one international camera shooting on PAL standard and one international camera shooting on NTSC standard will be selected for the video pool.

Media representatives for the pool have the following criteria:

1. Valid ECCC Media Accredited Card

2. Qualified photo and video journalists with professional camera

3. Photo-Op participation will be allocated on a rotation basis

Audio Visual Access

When permitted by the judges, a live Audio Visual feed of the court proceedings will be provided to the media. There shall be no charge for access to these feeds. The audio feed can be accessed through XRL and the video feed is BNC.

Internet Access

The Internet Room (C108) has a quiet space for working and a number of computers with internet connections will be available on a first come first served basis. Private laptops will not be permitted to access the ECCC network or the internet. No wireless connections provided. This room also has lockers for deposit of camera for journalist who wish enter the courtroom.

Stand-Up Location

Two locations have been allocated outside the court building for use in video stand-ups. One is located at the front of the court with a view of the court building and official flags; another is located near the Court’s Spirit House (Lokta Dambang Dek). No other locations for stand-ups will be permitted.

Press Conference

As needed, press conferences will be organised in the press room by Public Affairs Section. Interpretation in three working languages of the court will be provided during the press conference. Only accredited media representatives will be allowed to participate in the press conference.

Media are reminded that it is not appropriate to contact ECCC judges, judicial officials or other parties directly. All question and requests for information should be directed to the Public Affairs Section.

For more information please contact:

– Dr. Helen Jarvis 012 488 134

– Mr. Reach Sambath 012 488 156

– Mr. Mao Vutha 092 828 283 / 011 364 444


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