Trial Chamber Press Statement on January 2009

Posted by khmernews on January 23, 2009

Trial Chamber
Chambre de première instance

Trial Chamber Press Statement
January 2009

The Trial Chamber wishes to ensure that the public has a clear understanding of the first public stages of the trial against KAING Guek Eav alias ‘Duch’.

The trial starts with an Initial Hearing which will be followed at a date yet to be fixed, by a hearing on the substance.

1.    The Initial Hearing scheduled for 17 February and any days required following that date, will consider applications for admission of Civil Parties and protective measures sought by them.  It will also consider any preliminary legal and procedural issues that might have an impact on the conduct of the trial on the substance, and will finalise the scheduling of witnesses and experts to be heard at the trial. Neither the Accused Person, nor any witnesses, experts, or Civil Parties  will speak at the Initial Hearing on any matters of substance.

Following the Initial Hearing the President, in consultation with the Trial Chamber, will fix the date of the Substantive Hearing.

2.    The Substantive Hearing will consider the evidence contained in the Case File.  The Accused Person, witnesses, experts and the Civil Parties may testify or make statements orally during this part of the trial.

Those who are still to file applications to be admitted as Civil Parties are reminded that this must be done by 2 February 2009 at 1600 hours.


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