What is love?

Posted by khmernews on October 10, 2008

Hi everybody, do you know the mean of love or what is love?  Some body, we known that the mean of love and we know as well as about love or know about real love. But someone we are not known about love or sometime we can not meet the persons that we love it. More of men or women, we are not known about the mean of love or test of love, and how about he/she feeling of love?

My friend Mr. Vutha said that love is very difficult to tall; sometime we make him powerful, make happy, power men… etc and sometime he said that make him feel lonely, very sad, body fell not powerful, miss her baby, he don’t want to do every thing in daily day or monthly, and he feeling a very very sad and lose something very impotent in he life …etc. How about every body love? Like my friend love … sometime feeling so happy and sometime feeling so very sad …
Yes, Love you cannot define even though it is in dictionary….. love you cannot control you can’t make happened nor stop it, its all within our heart deep into our souls and when both feels the same it is more powerful than ever, you cannot even breath, you can feel there breath as it was so real the scent is illuminating and the power electrifies all, its something that words can not be defined.

But I have one case in my friend Mr. Ratana, said.  Yes really … he is a person that has more case study of love. Do you believe it? but sometime he lose about love too… he said that love is making every body to feeling so happy, wonderful, good health of feeling, and looking like a powerful men …etc but sometime he lose …very !! Lose and he tall me, he want to deal … and said what is the real love? And where is the real love? How can to find the real of love? And how about the test of the real love, so every body can see it or meet it.  See you again in next time !!


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