Appointment of New Cambodian Co-Lawyer for Khieu Samphan

Posted by khmernews on July 24, 2008

On 22nd July 2008 the Defence Support Section (DSS) of the ECCC assigned Dr Sa Sovan as the new Cambodian Co-Lawyer for Khieu Samphan, replacing Dr Say Bory who was forced to resign from the case due to ill health.

Dr Sa has been a member of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia since 2001, and is also a member of the Bar Council. He received his doctorate from Paris II University of Laws in 1972. Prior to joining the Cambodian Bar he held a number of positions, including as senior legal adviser of the Cambodian National Assembly, professor of Civil Law and as an expert within the Ministry of Justice. He has been involved in legal education for many years, and has published widely in both French and Khmer on legal issues including criminal procedure, international law and commercial law.

Reach Sambath
Presss Officer
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
Tel: (855) 12 891 567
Fax: (855) 23 219 841


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