ECCC : Press Statement

Posted by khmernews on June 25, 2008

A delegation from the ECCC, led by the Director of Administration, H.E. Sean Visoth and Deputy Director of Administration., Mr Knut Rosandhaug, participated in meetings of the Group of Interested States held in New York on 16 and 20 June 2008.

Productive discussions were held in a most constructive atmosphere as donors, the ECCC delegation and senior officials from the United Nations Secretariat discussed the new revised budget, which is presented in two parts: Part I to the end of 2009; and Part II including indicative projections for possible requirements through 2010. The budget reflects a number of changes and clarifications made in response to concerns expressed by the donors following the presentation of the draft in January 2008.

The ECCC is currently seeking funds for the period up to 31 December 2009 (Part I). The amount required is $50.3 million ($39.5 million for the UN budgetary component and $10.8 million and for the Cambodian side). Projections for Part II of the budget for both international and national components amount to $37.9 million.

Following all pledges received to date, the ECCC needs further funds to contine its work to the end of 2009 of  $43.7 million ($37.7 million for the UN budgetary component and $6.1 million for the Cambodian component).

It should be noted that the budget presented to the Group of Interested States includes an amount of 15% for contingency, to allow for unforeseen additional expenses. Some donors proposed that this item be removed from the budget, preferring that the ECCC request further funds at the time they may be required. This matter is now under discussion in New York between the Group of Interested States and the UN Secretariat.

The donors voiced their strong support forn the work of the ECCC, expressed in concrete terms by the most encouraging announcement by the Government of Japan on 17 June of a contribution to the Cambodian side of the budget of almost $3 million, and a commitment by the Royal Government of Cambodia of almost $1 million.

Reach Sambath
Presss Officer
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
Tel: (855) 12 891 567
Fax: (855) 23 219 841


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