ECCC: S21 Duch’s trial penciled in for later this year

Posted by khmernews on May 8, 2008

The Mekong Time

Kaing Guek Eav – the ex-S21 prison director better known as “Duch” – will hopefully stand trial in the latter The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodian (ECCC) statement.
The ECCC’s Council of Co-investigating Judges (CIJ) has focused on investigations of S21 and Duch “in order to facilitate early closure of that investigation,” the press release stated.

“[T]he CIJ intend to notify the parties that they have finished their investigations in the first case file in early May 2008 [and] … thereafter the CIJ will work toward issuing a formal Closing Order relating to Duch in early July 2008 on whether and, if so on what charges, to send Duch forward for trial.”

Though timetable may be influence by other factors, “it is hopes that any trial of Duch on charges raised in the Co-Prosecutors’ Initial Submissions could commence at the beginning of the last quarter of 2008,”the statement said.

In regards to the other four defendant so far charged by the ECCC –Khieu Samphan, Ieng Sary, Ieng Thirith and Noun Chea _ “investigations are proceeding expeditiously,” despite the fact that “none of these four charged persons has agreed to be interviewed on case file matters.”

Medical examinations have shown that the four are in “stable” health, the statement revealed. Nothing that early March Ieng Sary was brought to Calmette hospital for medical treatment and both Ieng Sary and Noun Chea were examined there by Cambodian and foreign cardiologists.

Extracted from The Mekong Time, year 1. No 55, Monday April 28, 2008.


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