US Denies Plan to Fund ECCC

Posted by khmernews on April 4, 2008

Kampuchea Thmey, vol. 07, #1603, March 27, 2008
By Rithy

Phnom Penh: Despite making the compliment that the Khmer Rouge tribunal is running forward smoothly, Joseph A. Mussomeli, US ambassador to Cambodia, said that Bush’s administration does not have any plan to fund the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.In a visit to the wildlife conservation area in Mondolkiri province, Joseph A. Mussomeli told journalists that the US does not have a funding package for the Khmer Rouge tribunal, but that there are other funding packages for Cambodia.

Recently, the tribunal has appealed for more funds to complete its process.

Khmer Rouge Tribunal legal officers said that the tribunal needs $170 million to complete its process in 2011.

ECCC Spokesman Reach Sambath could not be reached for comment. He once told journalists that the Cambodian side had not insisted for funds to support the tribunal, but that the UN legal experts were the ones who had studied and claimed that in the period of five years, the tribunal requires additional $170 million to its original budget of $56.3 million.

Government Spokesman Khieu Kanharith said that the government of Cambodia had never made any funding proposal to the US to support the Khmer Rouge tribunal, but that if the US wanted to help, it would be the decision of the US.

He said that Mr. Sean Visoth, who had left for a meeting with the UN in New York, was not going to ask for fund but to give reports on the progress of the tribunal.

“Mr. Sean Visoth does not represent the government,” said Khieu Kanharith, adding that Mr. Visoth represented the Khmer Rouge tribunal in the meeting.

Joseph A. Mussomeli appreciated that the process of the tribunal is moving forward with many positive results. He also requested that the government ask for more funds from donors to help the tribunal to complete its process.


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