KR Tribunal’s Officials Give Different Information

Posted by khmernews on April 4, 2008

Sralanh Khmer, vol. 03, #649, Thursday, March 27, 2008
By K. Nimol

Khmer Rouge tribunal’s Spokeswoman Helen Jarvis told journalists that the 3 officials of the tribunal who left for New York earlier this week planned to answer questions during meetings about funding. However, Reach Sambath, Cambodian spokesman for the tribunal, said differently that the 3 officials would only explain diplomats about the progress of the Khmer Rouge tribunal.
Reach Sambath has tried to show an independent stance of the 3 officials by claiming that the visit of the delegation to the UN was related to some issues [other than funding]. “The delegation of 3 officials to New York is not the representative of the government. They go in the name of the Khmer Rouge tribunal’s officials. Moreover, the delegation is not to look for fund, but to meet with diplomats from various countries to tell them the truth of the tribunal and give them reports on the progress of the tribunal,” he said.

The Khmer Rouge tribunal commenced in 2006 has been criticized heavily for the alleged corruption and irregularities in employment practice. It is suspected that the officials who have been recruited are not independent and under the influence exerted by government’s officials.

“There are diplomats who still don’t understand the allegations,” said Reach Sambath. He explained that the tribunal’s administrative officials would meet bi-monthly with diplomats in Cambodia, especially those diplomats who are interested in the tribunal. “The meeting at this time is co-chaired by France and Japan. However, only the diplomats in Phnom Penh could attend the previous meetings while the diplomats in New York did not receive updated news directly: they only received news from Phnom Penh. For this reason, the representatives of the tribunal are obliged to go to New York to tell the diplomats there directly so that they are not confused by what the tribunal has been accused anymore,” pointed out Reach Sambath, “We know that the tribunal have accomplished many tasks with transparency including the 6 audits. None of the audits has found any irregularities [in the tribunal]. So, they need to clarify it.”

The delegation of the Khmer Rouge tribunal had planned to meet the diplomats in the UN Thursday.

The Associated Press reported earlier this week by quoting Khmer Rouge Tribunal’s Spokeswoman Harlen Jarvis as saying that: “A three-person delegation from the tribunal plans to answer questions about funding during meetings on Thursday, in which they will ask for approximately $114 million from the international community.” The tribunal told donors in January it would need $170 million.


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