To Meet Victims Issuing Complaints In 1982

Posted by khmernews on February 22, 2008


The Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) will send their officials to some provinces to visit the Khmer Rouge regime’s victims who issued legal complaints in 1982, according to the center director, Youk Chhang.
“More than 1.1 million people submitted legal complaints to the government of People’s Republic of Kampuchea in 1982,” said Youk Chhang, He pointed out that those legal complaints were petition-liked, and that some people had thought they had been made for political reasons. However, Youk Chhang thinks differently because those complaints described the real sufferings that they had lost their family members and relatives in different ways and could be used [in the court of law].

Youk Chhang said that he had brought those complaints to the ECCC, but the ECCC required him to organize them into different types of crimes, to make a common conclusion, and to search for the complainants in the provinces to re-assist them. He said that he had planned to meet 10,000 victims in 2008, and that his officials were visiting Kompong Thom province in February.

Leam Sarun, former deputy director of Kompong Thom’s Cults and Religion Department, former Front Department from 1979-1981, said that in 1981-82 a lot of legal complaints from victims had been submitted to the department. “However, since the department has been moved for many times and its name was changed from Front Department to Cults and Religion Department, some of the complaints were lost and some were decayed. Now, none of the complaints remains,” he said. “But, the lost complaints were only those kept in the province. The same legal complaints had been sent to the ministry already,” he added.

Khmer Rouge tribunal’s legal experts always say that if there is more participation from the victims, there will be more justice. However, if there are too many victims, it [could] lead to chaos.

The experts once said that victims would be relieved from the sufferings when their complaints were considered in the trial, though they would not get individual reparations.

Unofficial Translation
-Extracted from Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol. 16, #4502, Wednesday, January 30, 2008.


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