Pol Pot Did Not Chair Stoung’s General Assembly, But His Recorded Speech Was Played For His Men

Posted by khmernews on January 18, 2008


During the Khmer Rouge regime it could be observed that everything was done with secrecy. No one dared to spread out and damage the news of a plan or an event, and generally whatever works were in mystery.

“During the struggling period between the Khmer Rouge cadres and Lon Nol’s government before 1975, senior cadres were seen visiting Popok commune, Stoung district to have a meeting with the struggling troops,” said Nou Kim Hy. He recalled that at that time the Khmer Rouge troops were called on to attend a big meeting known as “Party’s General Assembly”. Tiv Ol, whose revolutionary name was Comrade Tés, chaired the general assembly. On the stage decorated with green and yellow closed curtains, Comrade Tés presented, “Please, all comrades and friends listen to the speech made by the comrade Secretary General of the party’s Central Committee.” Then, a voice blared through the closed curtains without a speaker but he (Tiv Ol) could recognize it was the voice of Pol Pot speaking to the Assembly in an attempt to motivate the soldiers to make sacrifice in order to fight with imperialist Americans and the puppet Lon Nol’s government.

“The voice heard was played from recordings, but the general assembly’s participants were listening carefully and quietly,” said Kim Vasy. Vasy continued to say that never before had he seen such strange event the Khmer Rouge cadres were practicing. He still remembered that at that time Stoung’s district chief was Tan Ty, known as Comrade Chim.

As it was the struggling period to overthrow Lon Nol’s regime, whatever Khmer Rouge cadres did was appropriate. The voice from behind the curtain raised doubts among the participants, but they could not question or discuss with each other.

It is believed that it was the clever trick of Comrade Secretary General Pol Pot, because although enemies wanted to attack him, they could not harm him as it was only his voice there.

Unofficial  Translation
-Extracted from Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol. 16, #4478, Wednesday, January 02, 2008


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