$2 million Requested For Investment On Historical Places In Anlong Veng

Posted by khmernews on November 12, 2007

Phnom Svay

Anlong Veng—Uddar Meanchey: A company and the local authority [of Anlong Veng] have cooperated  with each other to invest on the last Khmer Rouge stronghold of Anlong Veng. The project will cost approximately $2 million.
Nhem En, Anlong Veng’s district deputy governor, told Rasmei Kampuchea on October 29 that Mrs. Em Sophary’s Reachany Angkor Jewelry Company had cooperated with the local authority to invest on the Khmer Rouge historical places in Anlong Veng and that the project would cost $2 million. “The request has been made, and it is expected that [funds] will be given for the conservation of the evidence and development of 13-14 locations or 43 spots in Anlong Veng and Trapeang Prey communes in Anlong Veng district in order to serve the tourism in the Khmer Rouge historical region.

Nhem En continued to say that Reachany Angkor Jewelry Company had cooperated with him and Anlong Veng’s local authority to build a Khmer Rouge historical museum, which had already been allowed since February 4, 2007 with the amount of $200,000-300,000. The plan will include the construction of a local museum building, wall, garden, and canteen, which is near Ta Mok’s pool in the opposite of Ta Mok’s School (Anlong Veng High School).

Lim Kry, architect at the Ministry of Culture, is drawing the plan and estimating the cost. The construction can be started in the end of 2007, but now the authority is installing a billboard.

Yim Phanna, Anlong Veng’s district governor, told Rasmei Kampuchea on October 30 that regarding the plan of the construction, the authority had been aware of its details and cooperated with the company.

However, the authority is considering about the proposal for the additional investment on the protection and development of the Khmer Rouge historical places in Anlong Veng, Khmer Rouge last stronghold.

Yim Phanna continued to say that the project may have spent between $1 million and $2 million since there would be mass purchasing of the evidential tools and documentary photos and other reconstructions of some Khmer Rouge locations and buildings. Although the reconstruction will cost a lot, [the buildings] could be restored to their original appearance because former soldiers and commanders who had built those buildings or seen them are still living.

Youk Chhang, director of the DC-Cam, told Rasmei Kampuchea on October 30 that the preservation of the Khmer Rouge history in Anlong Veng was very important, and that the good development of those places would be beneficial for both the memory of the history and the income finding.

It should be noticed that the government’s recommendation issue number 13 s.r.n.n. dated on December 14, 2001 stated that Anlong Veng must be protected and organised to be a historical tourist attraction. However, since then evidence, materials, documents, buildings and most of the land of the 43 spots were grabbed.

The museum in Anlong Veng will play a role in promoting the protection of the history, national reunification, responsibility, and the apology and mutual understandings.

Unofficial Translation
-Extracted from Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol. 15, #4426, Friday, November 2, 2007.


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