US Not Agree With What Former king Said

Posted by khmernews on October 17, 2007

On September 17, US ambassador to Cambodia Joseph Mussomeli reacted to the former king Norodom Sihanouk’s letter stating US and other countries ought to be judged not him.

“In this modern world, people claim they themselves are the victim, and they are not responsible for what they have done,” Joseph Mussomeli said. “This is not good and it doesn’t show the characteristics of a responsible person. The Khmer Rouge crime was a crime of the Khmer Rouge. People should not blame each other. But if they want to blame, they must blame themselves first. In deed, all the people use the history to evaluate the US or China or other countries on what either good or bad, but at the end, it is the responsibility of individuals. Anyone who committed the murders has to be responsible for the charges of what he or she had done, should not put the blame on others.”

“I respect the former king as a marvelous person in several aspects, but for this problem we do not agree with each other. Nazis could raise the reason that because the Versailles treaty was not fair, they massacred the Jewish people over 6 millions. They always try to ask for the apology of their crime. We couldn’t forgive these people. They were the murderers had to be sent to justice,” he also said.

Concerning the US bombing in Cambodia which was claimed by former king to have been the reason that caused the Khmer Rouge to increase their power and, therefore, caused the killing fields, Joseph Mussomeli overruled and said: “I think  many people including Cambodians would argue that due to the pullout of American troops (from Vietnam War), everything was worsen.”

Unofficial translation
Extracted from: Samne Thmey, #129, Monday 24 – Sunday 30 September 2007


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