Brother Number 2’s Wife Urges Hybrid Tribunal Hold Trial Soon

Posted by khmernews on October 15, 2007


Nuon Chea’s wife is going to request the UN.-backed Khmer Rouge Tribunal to meet her husband and to request the tribunal to hold the trial soon in order to show the public about the true history occured during the Khmer Rouge regime from April 1975 to January 1979, which has been considered to be the one of the most ruthless genocidal regimes of the late 20 century.
On Friday, Kim Seng Ly, wife of Brother Number 2 Nuon Chea, said that she missed her husband so much since it was the first time she and her husband were separated. “Moreover, he is so old and weak,” she said. She is worried about her husband so much, especially when he wants to go to toilet. She said many of his relatives wanted to visit him too. However, she will be allowed to meet her husband on Monday.

“If I can meet my husband, I will take 4-5 Buddhist tripitikas for him (Nuon Chea),” said Kim Seng Ly, adding that she would urge the lawyer to request the court to release her husband on bail.

Kim Seng Ly said that her husband wanted a foreign lawyer who could speak Thai so that it would be easy for him to communicate. She said she wanted the Khmer Rouge Tribunal to hold the trial soon and claimed that her husband would tell the truth.

Nuon Chea was brought from Pailin on September 19, 2007 under an arrest warrant issued by You Bunleng and Marcel Lemonde, Co-Investigating Judges of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC).  Nuon Chea has been accused of crimes against humanity and war crimes committed between April 17, 1975 and January 6, 1979. During the Khmer Rouge regime, Nuon Chea was the deputy Secretary General of the Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK), member of the Standing Committee of the CPK, president of the Democratic Kampuchea National Assembly, acting prime minister, and deputy president of the Military Central Committee of the CPK.

Son Arun, Nuon Chea’s lawyer, said at the present time he was preparing for Nuon Chea’s wife to meet her husband, and he hoped she could meet him before Pchum Ben festival. Son Arun said according to Nuon Chea’s request, he listed 8 foreign lawyers for Nuon Chea to choose.

Reach Sambath, Khmer Rouge Tribunal’s spokesman, said the Khmer Rouge Tribunal obeyed the law. The court has taken good care of Nuon Chea as well as other suspects for trial which Cambodian victims have been waiting for 30 years, he said.

On Wednesday, Nuon Chea was brought to Calmette Hospital again to have his heart checked. However, for this time doctors from Thailand checked his health.

“The reason that Thai doctors checked Nuon Chea’s health is that Nuon Chea has been treated by Thai doctors so far,” Reach Sambath told Sralanh Khmer by telephone yesterday.  He claimed that Nuon Chea’s health condition was normal and that when his health became better, his family would be allowed to meet him in detention center.

Nuon Chea’s blood pressure rocketed up when the Co-Judges was questioning him last time, and the questioning was halted for fear that Nuon Chea would have a heart attack.

“After Pchum Ben festival, the tribunal will question Nuon Chea again,” said Reach Sambath.

The Co-Judges of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal has questioned Nuon Chea once already and charged him with crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Unofficial Translation
-Extracted from Sralanh Khmer, Vol. 03, #524, Sunday-Monday, October 7-8, 2007.


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