Ieng Sary Doesn’t Know Nuon Chea Arrested, Nuon Chea’s life In Detention Cell

Posted by khmernews on October 8, 2007

Phnom Penh: Ieng Sary, who has disappeared since the integration with the government, has voiced his opinion recently through FM 90 MHz radio station to deny that he has known about the arrest of Nuon Chea. Ieng Sary, whose voice was hoarse and discontinuous, seems to be sick. He said he had not realized that Nuon Chea had been arrested. Meanwhile, the radio reporter asked Ieng Sary whether or not he was worried after he was aware that Nuon Chea had been arrested. Ieng Sary replied: “I would like to apologize that I cannot talk much since I am sick. If I talk for long, I will be very exhausted.” Ieng Sary, eventaully, thanked and left the questioner with polite words.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Khieu Mialy, the third child of Khieu Samphan, also gave an interview with the radio station. She said she was worried that her father would be arrested too. She claimed her father would no longer talk to journalists and was ready to testify in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in case he was called for.

After two people Kaing Guek Eav, aka Duch, and Nuon Chea have been detained, a question has been posed: “Who are the other 3 suspects?”

?    Nuon Chea charged with two kinds of crimes

“Nuon Chea was charged by the Co-Investigating Judges in the evening of September 19,” said Khmer Rouge Tribunal spokesman Reach Sambath, adding that the Co-Investigating Judges charged him with crimes against humanity and war crimes. “The Co-Investigating Judges charging Nuon Chea are French Co-Investigating Judge Marcel Lemonde and Cambodian Co-Investigating Judge You Bunleng.”

Reach Sambath explained that the Co-Investigating Judges issued an arrest warrant based on the crimes Nuon Chea committed during his reign which gravely breached the Geneva Conventions in 1945 and 1949. At present, Nuon Chea has been placed in a detention cell separately for Duch’s in the tribunal with high security.

?    Nuon Chea’s health condition and health care attention for him

Nuon Chea is in good health condition but old age. Nuon Chea’s detention cell has been paid more attention and his cell’s security has been tightened more than that of Duch. 4 doctors from Calmette Hospital and 5 other associate doctors with an ambulance are on standby for 24 hours a day. All the doctors are highly skilled.

?    Nuon Chea’s cell equipped with cable TV and radio and provided with newspapers

According to Reach Sambath, the cell Nuon Chea is being detained has been equipped with a cable TV and a radio. Nuon Chea has also been provided with daily newspapers to read every morning. “Yesterday morning on the 20th of September, he woke up early in the morning to watch the TV,” he said adding that in the cell there was no air-conditioning but fan and window for fresh air.

•    Nuon Chea eats only fish

In the cell, Nuon Chea has been provided with a variety of foods. However, Nuon Chea told the cook that he liked only fish in his whole life. The tribunal gives him 3 meals a day in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The tribunal also offers him food with high calcium. “As an average, the tribunal spends around R20,000 per day for Nuon Chea,” said Reach Sambath, adding that if Nuon Chea wanted other foods, the tribunal would provide him. “Nuon Chea’s family and relatives can visit him if they request for it,” he added.

•    Nuon Chea knows 5 languages

According to the spokesman of the tribunal, Nuon Chea knows 5 languages—Thai, Vietnamese, French, English and Chinese. He knows Chinese the least among these languages.

•    There is a place for Nuon Chea to do exercise

Duch’s cell and Nuon Chea’s are near each other. There are 14 detention cells in the tribunal. There is a place next to Nuon Chea’s cell for him to do exercise every morning. That is the place for Duch as well, but they are made to do it at different time.

•    Nuon Chea has a Cambodian lawyer from Battambang

After Nuon Chea has been detained for one day, the Co-Investigating Judges want Nuon Chea to choose his lawyer by himself. He can have either a Cambodian or foreigner. Nuon Chea has decided to pick a Cambodian lawyer named “Suon Naron” from Battambang province. The lawyer will start his works collecting documents to defend his client.

Unofficial Translation
-Extracted from Kampuchea Thmey, Vol.6, #1450, Friday, September 21, 2007.


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