The Khmer Rouge Tribunal Planning To Ask For More Funds

Posted by khmernews on July 9, 2007


Facing the budgetary shortfall in early next year, the Khmer Rouge Tribunal is preparing itself in advance to ask for more funds to continue its process. However, there is no threat that the Khmer Rouge Tribunal would be closed if there were no more funds. It’s believed that the donors which are “influencing” Cambodia will provide more funds to solve this financial problem.

The budget of US$ 56.3 million for the process of 3 years has been claimed to be running out. The announcement is a sign that the Khmer Rouge Tribunal will face another deadlock if the international community doesn’t help sort this financial problem out on time. To say, the trials can be completed depending on the money. The countries including Japan, the biggest donor to Cambodia, which have been involved in finding justice for Cambodian people have been trying for so long to make it possible and will not let this problem block the process of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. The government of Japan is known to have provided funds to break the previous financial deadlock which was caused by the Cambodian Bar Association (CBA), led by Ky Tech. The government of Japan has offered to build Bar Offices in some provinces and cities in return for the CBA’s decision to lower the fees of foreign lawyer.

Now a new obstacle arises, and it a concern whether the government of Japan will intervene by giving funds to get rid of this problem or not. It’s believed that if the government of Japan doesn’t intervene into this problem, the Khmer Rouge trial will be stuck and everything will be cancelled.

It is reported that Khmer Rouge Tribunal’s officials are trying to find funds to keep on the process and that the appeal to the international community for funds will be made soon. The Khmer Rouge Tribunal spokesman has recently told foreign journalists about the plan to ask for funds from the international community as well as the donors since the Khmer Rouge Tribunal will have run out of funds in early 2008. As a result, the only hope to continue the process of the trials is to ask for money from the international community; otherwise, the process would be ended when the funds have run out. How can they let it happens?

It should be noticed that the international community has decided to give the government of Cambodia US$ 56.3 million for the process of the trials on former Khmer Rouge leaders responsible for the killings of Cambodian people. The process of the tribunal has been undertaken only over a year, but now it’s announced that the current funds are running out and the tribunal is appealing for more fund from the international community.

Informal Translation
-Extracted from Samleng Yuvachun Khmer, vol.14, #3081, Sunday-Monday, July 8-9, 2007.


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