Aging And Elderly in Cambodia

Posted by khmernews on June 14, 2007

Speech by H.E. Msas Los
Under Secretary of State, the Office of Council of Ministers
In Workshop on Aging And Elderly in Cambodia
September 28, 2006
Phnom Penh Hotel

Sambach, Excellencies, Lokchomteav, and distinguished participants,

It is my great pleasure to join with you all here today for the workshop on “Ageing and Elderly in Cambodia” which is jointly organized by National Committee for Population and Development (NCPD) and UNFPA Cambodia.

Elderly in Cambodia are still underrepresented in statistics and national debate. Few data and research on the aged are available and not enough organizations currently work with the elderly in Cambodia. This implies that elderly is paid less attention to by researchers, civil society, international organizations and others.

Negative effects of the war has particularly left the Cambodian elderly with an unfavorable socio-economic status and in vulnerable conditions which are categorized by a low level of literacy, short life expectancy, poor health status, living dependency and low employment in skilled work.

Since the end of the war, government has taken some measures on elderly to address their needs, such as in celebration of International Day for the Elderly and Aging People; formation of National Policies on Elderly; National Policy and Strategy on the Health Care for the Elderly and Disabled People; Rectangular Strategy; and National Strategic Development Plan 2006-2010. However, those interventions are not comprehensive and cannot fully respond to the needs of the group. Therefore, all stakeholders need to make further and doubled efforts in order to address this issue at national and local levels and take immediate appropriate actions to result in the better well-being of our elders.

The workshop today is a good starting point to draw attention of stakeholders such as government, international and local organizations and civil society to work cooperatively on the issue. I strongly hope that today’s workshop will collect new data and other inputs on elderly from involved ministries, UN agencies, NGOs and other professionals. Your inputs will help our government to better implement the National Policy on Elderly which will better respond to the needs of our vulnerable elderly group.

I would take this opportunity to ask professionals; representatives of government, UN agencies, local organizations, and all participants who are present here to actively participate and share your highly valuable inputs and ideas in the workshop with the NCPD, UNFPA Cambodia and between yourselves.

In the name of the government, I would express my full support and sincere appreciation for the initiative to hold such a gathering. The workshop lasts just a day but I wish all stakeholders to continue their good work on this issue.

Finally, I would express my sincere thanks for UNFPA Cambodia for supporting this workshop today and now declare the formal opening of the workshop.

Thank You for your attention.


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