Justice Police Training Finishes Today

Posted by khmernews on March 29, 2007

While the Khmer Rouge Tribunal has been stuck [with the internal rules], there is another event progressing. It’s a training course for “justice police” whose tasks are to arrest the Khmer Rouge accused people. In the first training course which will finish by today, there are 31 trainees.

The tribunal justice police who are from various institutions including Phnom Penh municipal police, national military police, and Phnom Penh military police are made exclusive tribunal justice police in the purpose of arresting the Khmer Rouge suspects who do not appear in the court after the subpoena.

According to a tribunal official, this is the first training course among the three courses of the tribunal. In total, there are 123 trainees in the three courses. In this way, the official said, there won’t be any association with the government authorities when [the justice police implement their tasks], and that most of the tasks in the [tribunal] are confidential.

However, many observers think that what the Khmer Rouge Tribunal is doing is only to convey the interests of the people that the Khmer Rouge Tribunal is progressing while the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, in fact, has been stuck with the disagreements over the internal rules.  

Besides, the temporary and permanent detention centers for the Khmer Rouge suspects and criminals which are newly built are said to be an excuse too.  These things have been described as the background music of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal stage while the main actors including Cambodian and international co-judges and co-prosecutors are arguing behind the stage.

The disagreements over the internal rules between Cambodian and international co-judges and co-prosecutors have made a lot of problems to stall the Khmer Rouge Tribunal again and again from moving forwards.

Although there will be another plenary session in March to discuss the problems over the internal rules between Cambodian and international lawyers, it is not expected that there will be positive results and that the Khmer Rouge trial will move forwards smoothly as it is said that the Khmer Rouge trial is not the will of the Cambodian government. Moreover, the obstructions which have been made are said to be on purpose to delay the prosecutions against the former Khmer Rouge leaders until those former leaders died naturally.

It should be noticed that the living former senior Khmer Rogue leaders are only Ieng Sary, Noun Chea, Khieu Samphan, and the only Khmer Rouge detainee Kang Kek Ieu in the military prison whilst Pol Pot, Chuon Choeurn, Son Sen, and Ta Mok are already dead. They died without paying any responsibility for crimes they committed during their regime (the Khmer Rouge regime). This is injustice which has been given to the Cambodian victims.
However, Cambodians and the UN are waiting longingly for the court to prosecute the former Khmer Rouge leaders while they are living. They have been waiting for nearly 30 years for it and it needs longer time than the prosecutions against crimes against humanity committed later in other countries. The [Former leaders], for instances, including Pinoche of Chili, Milosevic of Yugoslavia, and Saddam Hussein of Iraq have already been arrested and punished.

Concerning this problem, some western diplomats said that the Cambodian government is intervening deeply into the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in which the UN has spent $50 million. As a result, this international tribunal will not be able to achieve its goal in finding justice for the Cambodian victims. Moreover, the time for the Khmer Rouge trial is only 3 years.

It should be remembered that in late 2006, the International Amnesty appealed to the government about Duch’s release since they thought that the Khmer Rouge Tribunal was scene and could not find justice for the victims. Moreover, Duch was only a less responsible person compared to Ieng Sary, Noun Chea, and Khiu Samphan.
However, it is announced that Duch, who has been detained for years, will be the first person to be prosecuted, whilst it is expected that the immense Khmer Rouge Tribunal might be able to prosecute only Duch.

(Informal Translation)
-Extracted from Moneaksekar Khmer. Vol.14, 3082. Wednesday, February 7, 2007.


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