T-shirts informs people of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Posted by khmernews on January 31, 2007

Phnom Penh: Though they are cheap, white T-shirts, they provide two important functions. First people can wear them and second they help to inform people about the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. The Documentation Center of Cambodia(DC-Cam) has produced 10,000 T-shirts with aid from the American government.

‘We have produced white T-shirts with the Khmer language in the front and on the back about the information about moving towards the senior Khmer Rouge leaders tribunal since 2006 with funds from America,’ said Chhang Youk, the director of DC-Cam. The 10,000 T-shirts have been given away to the public. There are two kinds of these short-sleeve T-shirts. One is for ordinary people and another with an addition of ‘commune leader’ printed on it is for commune leaders. The text remains the same on both.
‘These T-shirts are cheap but beautiful and they are both for dressing and for giving information about the move towards the Khmer Rouge Tribunal to people wherever the wearers go,’ he added.

A DC-Cam official said that the texts on the T-shirts are the result of discussions with all staff at the organization.

Written on the front is
(1) getting to know about the Khmer Rouge Tribunal means finding justice for the victims, (2) no justice, no peace, (3) impunity is the opposite of justice, (4) justice for me, (5) for justice and knowledge, (6) to find the truth is to trial, (7) visit the first Khmer Rouge Tribunal after 28 years, (8) the time I have been waiting for is coming, (9) true memories makes justice, (10) we have joined the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, and you?, (11) finding the truth together, (12) the time is now, (13) I have visited the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, (14) justice does exist, (15) I am attending the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, (16) we work together for justice in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, (17) I have contributed to finding the truth, (18) justice is for everyone, (19) I know about  the tribunal, and you?, (20) I’ve visited the tribunal (21) there is justice, there is peace, (22) the tribunal and history (23) justice needs people’s contribution, (24) I want to know about justice through the tribunal, (25) the time is now, join the tribunal, (26) happy that law is finding the truth for us.

At the side the texts are as follows:
(1) be a historical witnesses of the 2006-2009 Khmer Rouge Tribunal, (2) the process for justice, (3) see you at the tribunal, (4) justice for Cambodians, (5) participation for the justice, (6) participation from the people the justice, (7) way to justice, (8) justice gives birth to peace, (9) go for the truth, (10) participating with the tribunal means maintaining history, (11) join in the tribunal together, (12) we are attending the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, (13) justice for everyone, (14) join together, justice is coming, (15) justice and memory, (16) build memory and justice for humanity, (17) the truth is discovered, (18) the tribunal is coming, do you know?, (19) we join the Khmer Rouge Tribunal together, (20) justice for peace, (21) moving towards the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, (22) towards justice, (23) the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, national and international, (24) justice is the basis of peace, (25) I am happy to have the Extraordinary Chambers, (26) there is, (27) this is the tribunal, have you visited?,  (28) justice tribunal, (29) join together to the justice, (30) justice that I hope for.

Thousands of commune leaders, citizens, students, and participants whose visits were organized by DC-Cam have visited the ECCC, Choeung Ek Genocidal Center, Toul Sleng Genocidal Museum and have received these T-shirts, mini-textbooks and documents related to the KR tribunal. Many others want to visit these places to so that they can get the documents, the T-shirts, the books and see the movies and photos. Some living victims are willing to reveal the truth and be the witnesses in the tribunal. They want to have clear justice, not compensation.

Reaksmey Kampuchea. 15-4187. Wednesday, January 17, 2007


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