Nuon Chea Unhappy with Saddam Hussien’s Hanging Whilst Ieng Sary’s Son Mocks US

Posted by khmernews on January 31, 2007

A former senior Khmer Rouge leader on Monday reacted with sadness when he saw dictator Saddam Hussien being executed by hanging on Saturday morning.

Ieng Sary’s son whose name is Ieng Vuth mocked the US president from where he was in Pailin saying that US president George W. Bush knew that Saddam Hussien would be hung because he led armed forces to invade Iraq, in which Saddam Hussien was arrested and then sent to court.

On Monday, Nuon Chea, the Brother Number 2 of the Khmer Rouge regime, said that he was miserable while he was watching Saddam Hussein’s hanging on TV. He added that Saddam remained both patient and stubborn until his death.

 “This kind of punishment is extremely severe and I really pity him because he came from a farmer’s family and was a patriot,” Nuon Chea criticized.

Meanwhile, although Ieng Vuth, a son of former Brother Number 3 of the  Khmer Rouge regime, mocked US involvement in Saddam Hussien’s execution, he refused to comment on Khmer Rouge tribunal.

Ieng Vuth continued to say that after the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the US is the most powerful country and so it can do anything at will, even change untruths to truths. However, the US has forgotten what will happen after its victory.

On Monday, Mr. George W. Bush said that Saddam Hussein was given an appropriate punishment, and that Iraqi people have strongly committed to create a society governed by the rule of law.

Observers said that Nuon Chea was not happy with Saddam Hussien’s hanging due to the fact that he he was involved in crimes during his ruling regime and is afraid of facing the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

It was made known that there was a witness who said that Khan Khek Leu, also known as Duch, the former chief of Tuol Sleng prison, was ordered by Nuon Chea to torture and kill more than 10,000 innocent people.

Despite Nuon Chea beign was happy or not about Saddam Hussien’s death punishment, it is now over. It is now the moment that Nuon Chea should prepare to defend himself in the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

A number of Khmer Rouge people in Pailin also think like Nuon Chea and Ieng Vuth. Some have said that the death of Saddam is not a breakthrough to the political crisis in Iraq.

Mr. Chhang Youk, Executive Director of Documentation Center of Cambodia, claimed that the execution of Saddamm Hussien reminded him about a time after the collapse of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979. At that time, a wave of victims’ anger provoked a strong feeling of rancour which pervaded the country.

Mr. Chhang Youk added that this bitterness lasted for a short period of time and since it, all the issues concerning the Khmer Rouge have fallen in silence for 30 years. Only this year, the tribunal for the prosecution of the former Khmer Rouge leaders has made a little bit of progress. Now it has come to a deadlock.

 “Can we forget the death of about 2 million people?” questioned Mr. Chhang Youk, further saying that although the tribunal cannot give Khmer Rouge leaders who had been found guilty the death sentence by hanging, it will be able to find justice for Cambodian victims who died in the Khmer Rouge regime.

Observers do not care about Nuon Chea’s or Ieng Vuth’s commentary but about what Saddam had done in the past.

A short biography of Saddam Hussein :. Saddam Hussein was born in 1964. He participated in a coup attempt to overthrow the government and was arrested after it. In 1968, Saddam conducted a coup within his own party. In 1973-76, he became military general of the Iraqi armed forces.

In 1979, Saddam became the Iraqi president. In 1980-88, he waged a war with Iran.

A friend of Saddam Hussien said that when he was young, Saddam attempted to use a gun to kill his teacher because he had given him low marks. Fortunately, the bullets did not kill his teacher but injured his teacher’s brother on the leg. Because of the police’s slow investigation, Saddam Hussein avoided punishment.

It should be noted that Saddam has been cruel since he was young. Additionally, when he was in power, Saddam Hussein adopted a dictatorial system to rule the country.

It was made known that after his execution, Saddam Hussien’s family brought his dead body to bury it in his hometown and a small group of his supporters mourned for his death.

Extracted from: Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.13, #3052, Wednesday 3 January 2007


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