Noun Chea should be hanged like Saddam Hussein

Posted by khmernews on January 31, 2007

By O keo:

In 1998, at a press conference at Le Royal Phnom Penh Hotel, when the Khmer Rouge Big Brother 2 Noun Chea joined with the Hun Sen government, he said that he had no regrets about what he had done in the Democratic Kampuchea regime. His claim frustrated the public very much.

Nearly ten years later, as the Khmer Rouge Tribunal is progressing, Noun Chea said to the Phnom Penh Post Newspaper that the evidence of photos of the bones and skulls related to the mass killings are fake and have been created using new technology.

It is not sure whether he was mocking the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, but the Cambodian general publics have criticized him vigorously. Chhang Youk, director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, considered him[Noun Chea] as a disrespectful and cruel man.

Everyone knows that nearly 2 million people were killed in the Khmer Rouge regime. The evidence of Khmer Rouge killings are scattered around the country. The mass graves, bones and skulls, and victims around the country are the evidence. Noun Chea said shamelessly that the photos of skulls are not real. So can we ask him about the several thousand of skulls collected after 1979 and whether  they are fake and have been created by new technology too?

Moneas Seka Khmer thinks that the government should hire a van and bring the former Khmer Rouge leader[Noun Chea] from Pailin to visit the memorial places around the country not forgetting to bring materials which can prove whether the skulls are real or not.

Noun Chea asked why the Khmer Rouge killed their own the people. We think that no one can answer this question for the Khmer Rouge. As Cambodians, we can only say that the regime definitely killed nearly 2 million Cambodians. We think the evidence doesn’t solely depend on the photos. Thousands of joint mass graves and bone skulls are also the evidence. Also official documents revealing the killings in the Khmer Rouge regime can also serve as evidence for the tribunal.

Is Noun Chea really wondering why the Khmer Rouge killed their people? It’s remembered that in the Pol Pot regime, the word ‘destroy’ was repeated on Khmer Rouge radio and newspaper. In Khmer Rouge collectives, there were no other words besides ‘destroy enemies’, ‘destroy American CIAs’ and ‘destroy KGPs’. In the Khmer Rouge regime, when Khmer Rouge spies killed people, they accused those people of serving as CIA or KGP agents. Might it be the reason that the Khmer Rouge killed the people?

No matter the reasoning, the killing of nearly 2 million people is not a joke. The leaders of the regime which killed nearly 2 million people must be held responsible for it. Noun Chea’s question is only an excuse and is disrespectful for the spirits of the dead victims. Noun Chea should be hanged like Saddam, for his deeds.

Adopted from Moneas Seka Khmer. Vol14, #3063. Tuesday, 16 January 2007.


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