Microsoft is 1st Private ECCC Donor

Posted by khmernews on January 31, 2007

Phnom Penh: While the Khmer Rouge Tribunal is still facing a budgetary shortfall of US $8 million, Microsoft has donated $100,000 in funding for supporting the process of the tribunal.

‘These funds have been donated by Microsoft Singapore,’ ECCC public affairs officer Peter Foster said.

‘This is the first private donation for the KR tribunal. The total fund for this tribunal is US $56 million, but there is still a shortfall of nearly US $8 million, most of it on the Cambodian side,’ he added.

These funds are for the various processes of the tribunal which is to last for three years and began in July, 2006. There have been no other senior KR leaders besides Ta Mok, Douch and some former KR leaders related to the killing of 3 foreigners at Vor Mountains [in Kampot] arrested or accused.

Until now the biggest donors for the tribunal are Japan and Australia.

Adopted from: Reaksmey Kampuchea issued on Sunday-Monday, January 14-15, 2007.


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