Former Khmer Rouge Leaders Should Know that They Are Luckier than Saddam Hussein

Posted by khmernews on January 31, 2007

Living free after almost 30 years after the collapse of their regime, we see that the former Khmer Rouge leaders who were involved in the killing of about 2 million Cambodian people under their regime are much luckier then other dictatorial leaders throughout the world.

The former Khmer Rouge leaders have considered the tribunal created to prosecute them as creating a path to the past which could lead to social unrest and have said that the tribunal doesn’t benefit Cambodians at all. Moreover, a former Khmer Rouge leader has criticized the international community, especially the US, for exercising its influence on the Iraqi court which was a root cause of Saddam Hussein’s hanging.

In fact, only the Iraqi people themselves really knew about the suffering under Saddam’s regime. Likewise, only the Khmer Rouge leaders and Cambodian victims who experienced the regime know about what happened during the Khmer Rouge regime. Because Saddam Hussein was hung as the Khmer Rouge trial process approaches, the living Khmer Rouge leaders are now frightened and are condemning the tribunal and the US. In particular Ieng Vuth, a son of the brother number 3 of the Khmer Rouge regime, has recently attacked the US for the hanging of Saddam Hussein.

A western diplomat said that Ieng Vuth, whose father was a senior former Khmer Rouge leader, is not aware of Khmer people’s suffering under a 3-year-8-month-and-20-day regime ruled by his father’s group.

He attacked the US for the execution of Dictator Saddam Hussein because he was afraid that his father will be hung too. However under Cambodian law, the death penalty does not exist and even if Nuon Chea, Ieng Sary and all their families’ members from 9 generations were killed, that still would not compensate the death of 2 million Cambodian people.

Saddam was executed by hanging for the killings of thousands of people under his regime. On the contrary, the former Khmer Rouge leaders who are responsible for the killing of about 2 million Cambodian people,have not been executed and instead have been able to live freely and voice their criticism in favour of other dictatorial leaders. This clearly shows a lack of repect for the Cambodian victims.

Following the execution of Saddam Hussein, there have been some Muslim resistant movements in some places in Iraq and in other Muslim countries. Seeing that, the former Khmer Rouge leaders think that there will be such resistant movements after their trial too. Nonetheless, Mr. Chhang Youk, the Executive Director of the Documentary Center of Cambodia, claimed that there will be no such resistant movements after the end of the Khmer Rouge leader trial.

One Western diplomat agreed with Mr. Chhang Youk saying that Khmer Rouge issues relate only to finding justice for Cambodians whilst the execution of Saddam Hussein is deeply involved with a religious conflict which involves other Muslim rebellion movements around the world. It was said that despite a worldwide Muslim rebellion movement, Saddam was hung and questioned why former Khmer Rouge leaders who are now locked away  are not even being charged?

The western diplomat, however, expressed his pessimism over the prosecution of the former Khmer Rouge leaders saying that the remaining leaders will have passed away before the trial starts, just like Pol Pot, Ta Mok and Kae Pok. As a result, former Khmer Rouge leaders are luckier than Saddam Hussein.

Extracted from: Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol. 14, #3054, Friday 05 January 2007


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