American Youth from Global Youth Connect explore the path to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Posted by khmernews on January 31, 2007

Dangkao-Phnom Penh: Five American students and two Khmer-Americans working on human rights issues are just back from a paid war-study trip about the road to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia(ECCC) in Dangkao, Phnom Penh.

‘We are interested in understanding the path to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, about the process and about whether or not there will be justice for victims,’ Ms. Moung Navin, who is in charge of the Global Youth Connect program based in New York, said after their visit to ECCC on January 19th.

‘The organization, based in New York, has links to youth groups in other states, and has been to many countries around the world.  Our work focuses mainly on human rights. We especially encourage the building of human rights and the boosting of human rights in all post-conflict countries. This is the why we are visiting Cambodia for 3 weeks.  We are visiting the ECCC because the court will fight for the rights of people that lost them during the regime,’ stated a Khmer-American girl to Reaksmey Kampuchea newspaper.

‘Americans know very little about Cambodia and the tribunal whereas the situation in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Yugoslavia…etc are more well-known but we do know about this through ECCC’s, Documentation Center of Cambodia’s and the Cambodian government’s web sites. Now we are visiting this tribunal and it’s really absorbing,’ she said.

This American youth team is amongst many human right activists, ambassadors, and non- Cambodians who are visiting the ECCC, Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam), genocide centers, genocide museums, killing fields, bone-keeping places and other important places in Cambodia which are related to Cambodia’s history of the Khmer Rouge and the path to the  senior Khmer Rouge leaders tribunal.

Thousands visit the tribunal through the arrangement of DC-Cam and other means. The Global Youth Connect team has visited many important places to do with the tribunal, asked officials for understanding and written a letter asking the tribunal to effectively find justice for Cambodian victims since the Tribunal  will help to boost human rights in Cambodia.

‘We occasionally have these kinds of guest and we greet them warmly because it is our obligation to help them,’ said tribunal spokesman Reach Sambath on January 9th.   

‘We are busy but we are happy and feel encouraged when guests visit us to understand about the road to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal,’ he said as he was guiding the guests around the tribunal.

‘This American Global Youth Connect team has collected information about the tribunal and has asked us to find the justice for the victims,’ he added.

La Yom.

Adopted from: Reaksmey Kampuchea issued Vol14, #1417, Sunday- Monday,14-15 January 2007.


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