Former Khmer Rouge Leader Trial Should not be a Show for Campaigning Politics for Ruling Party

Posted by khmernews on December 13, 2006

Whilst talking about tribunal for prosecution of Khmer Rouge leaders who most responsible for their genocide regime, the people do not hope that this years long-awaited tribunal, which was created by the United Nations and Cambodian government, will be able to find justice for the victims.

In fact, if the tribunal’s process is taken into deep consideration, it is seen that there have been lots of useful theories whilst practical implementation has not been done. It is believed that these strategies are just a play organized to delay the start of the tribunal.

Whenever the tribunal is discussed, only justice is a most vital agenda in the discussion. It doesn’t matter that the justice is found through round or non-round-table talks, but the most important thing is that all former leaders of the killing field regime are brought to justice, and that is what the Cambodian people want.

It is acknowledged that training course on reporting information of the Khmer Rouge trial to ensure a fair trial is really important. It has been questioned whether or not the Khmer Rouge tribunal accept criticism of opposition party newspapers against the trial of former Khmer Rouge leaders that seems a show organized to benefit only the ruling party.

Now, it is not a right moment to talk about the agreement between the United Nations and the Cambodian government on formation of Khmer Rouge tribunal because it already created, but about which former Khmer Rouge leaders will be summoned to answer questions about why this kind regime took place, how they were in power, what Khmer Rouge ideology was, and whether other countries were involved in the regime or not. The Cambodian people just only want to know all of these, but not excuse that is always made again and again to deceive national and international circles.

Regarding above-mentioned points, it is believed that Cambodian people suffering from the Khmer Rouge regime really don’t want see the Khmer Rouge tribunal to become a show whose all scenes have already been organized in advance. Nowadays, the former Khmer Rouge leaders are getting old and are always hospitalized. Can they struggle to live until the whole process of the tribunal finishes?

Most Cambodian people learnt about the death of Ta Mok. Before his death, Ta Mok had never said even a word concerning whom were deeply involved in the genocide regime.

Moreover, it has been observed that the health of former chief of Tuol Sleng prison Khan Khek Leu, also known as Duch, is not good now. If the tribunal is always delayed like a process of a beauty contest, it has been believed that Khan Khek Leu will die before the completion of the tribunal.

General public assisted that the tribunal process in accordance with the legal procedures, such as summoning Ieng Sary and his wife Ieang Thirith and Khieu Samphan to be gradually questioned. Especially, the tribunal should summon Duch because he was the former chief of Tuol Sleng prison and was directly ordered by Nuon Chea to commit such brutal crimes.

However, if the government and Khmer Rouge tribunal officers still try to use demagogy to benefit current ruling party, no one will be able to find justice for the spirits of 2 million people who died during the genocide regime. Furthermore, the tribunal will be come a show after Nuon Chea, Ieng Sary, Ieng Thirith and Khieu Samphan has passed away.

Actually, Cambodian people are bored with such a political show, so if the government wants to find justice for the Khmer Rouge victims, it should allow the tribunal to do its work independently, and shouldn’t exercise its influence on the tribunal.

Extracted from: Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol.13, #3030, Tuesday 12 December 2006.


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