Nuon Chea Secretly Orders Duch to Kill People in Tuol Sleng Prison

Posted by khmernews on December 6, 2006

During Khmer Rouge [KR] genocide regime led by Pol Pot, Ieng Sary, Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan, Tuol Sleng prison under the strict control of Duch became a place for torturing and killing innocent people tragically.

Meanwhile, it was known that Tuol Sleng prison chief Duch was secretly ordered by Nuon Chea, the Brother Number 2, that led 14,000 innocent people to be caught, interrogated, tortured like animals, and killed brutally.

It should be noted that Nuon Chea always claims he is not involved in such mass killings in a regime ruled by himself and his fellow senior KR leaders.

Furthermore, Nuon Chea have urged the United Nations as well as international community to use a fund of US$ 50 millions provided for the process of KR tribunal in a period of three years to build dams, to dig canals and to restore irrigation systems in Cambodia instead.

However, up to this last stage, while KR tribunal has been summoning witnesses to question and to collect evidence of the mass crimes in Tuol Sleng prison, which was under the control of Duch, there has been a news, saying that Nuon Chea, the Brother Number 2 of this genocide regime, secretly ordered Duch to torture and kill people in Tuol Sleng prison (also known as S-21).

A report said that the KR tribunal has summoned a number of witnesses who had ever experienced and were involved in the crimes during the KR regime lasting between 1975 and 1979.

A witness who was a victim of the regime and who is a witness for the Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia [ECCC] said that in October, he received a summon from the co-prosecutors of the ECCC, asking him to appear to describe his story and brutal acts that KR groups did to him in their regime.

The witness highlights, “I was questioned by some Cambodian and foreigners. They asked me whether I wanted to be a witness in KR tribunal or not.”

Concerning his attempt to being a witness in KR tribunal, He stressed, “I have already committed to being a witness in the tribunal. Especially, I want know the truth. Was I guilty? Did I do something wrong that why they [KR group] sent me to be tortured in Tuol Sleng prison? Did my family make mistakes that why they killed my wife and my children?”

A former perpetrator who has ever worked in a prison during the KR regime was also summoned by the co-prosecutors to tell about what he did to prisoners and to disclose names of any KR leaders who have ever ordered him commit that under their regime.

The former perpetrator said, “In fact, they [co-prosecutors] contacted me for a month ago, and they wanted me to tell about my living situation before and during working in Tuol Sleng prison, especially describing the history of the prison and activities that were done in there. The KR tribunal officials questioned him for two days.”

KR tribunal watchdog claimed that all witnesses and evidence that co-prosecutors have been collecting today seem mainly focus on the crimes committed in Tuol Sleng prison, which that can be a basic to accuse Khang Khek Leu (also called Duch), the former chief of Tuol Sleng prison.

Khang Khek Leu was arrested and has been imprisoned by the government of strongman Hun Sen since 1999. It have been unknown that, although they have already summoned a number of witnesses to explain and tell what they knew and saw, when are the co-prosecutors of KR tribunal going to bring Khang Khek Leu for a question in order to find out who were behind the crimes and who were accountable for the torture and killing of people in Tuol Sleng prison.

An information source said that a person that secretly ordered Duch to torture and kill 14,000 people in Tuol Sleng prison in 1975-79 is Nuon Chea, the Brother Number 2 of the genocide regime.

Nuon Chea asserted that he also wanted to attend the tribunal to find out the truth. Also, Nuon Chea has never acknowledged the word “genocide”.

Nowadays, the KR tribunal has been processing in accordance with the legal procedures; however, don’t let Nuon Chea, Ieng Sary, Khieu Samphan and Khan Khek Leu die before the trial, because spirit of dead victims will find no justice.

Extracted from:  Moneaksekar Khmer, Vol. 13, #3024, Friday 01 December 2006


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