National Population Policy : Mortality and morbidity

Posted by khmernews on November 21, 2006

Maternal, infant and child mortality in Cambodia are still high. Due to lack of adequate sanitation, poor nutrition, limited access to quality health care, and inappropriate health seeking behaviour there is a high level of mortality in infants, children under five years of age and their mothers.

According to the Cambodian Demographic and Health survey 2000, Cambodia’s health care indicators are among the lowest in the region. l.e,: infant mortality rate 95 per 1000, under five mortality rate 125 per 1000 and maternal mortality 437 per 100.000 live births.

A high mortality rate means that individuals, especially infants, young children and mothers do not have the fundamental right to a long and health fife. Since high mortality is especially prevalent among the poor, rural groups, and those with fewer opportunities for education, it undermines the fundamental right for an equitable and just society for all Cambodians.

High mortality is directly related to high morbidity, or the high prevalence of illness and disease. High levels of morbidity increases health costs for families and means that people are less productive or are unable to work due to frequent illnesses.

-Ministry of Planning: National Population Policy, May 2005 Phnom Penh,  Cambodia.


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