Hun Sen Celebrate Traditional Ceremony for His First Son Dead

Posted by khmernews on November 16, 2006

Prime Minister Hun Sen and his wife, Bun Rany Hun Sen on November 10, 2006, celebrated traditional ceremony to consecrate for his first son died in Khmer Rough regime.

During the ceremony prime minister Hun Sen said that this time it was the thirty years anniversary for his son who died on November 10, 1976 at six o’clock in the morning. “when my son died I could not even burry his body by my hand. They even not allow me to look after my sickbed wife”, Samdech Hun Sen said. There are much suffering in my heart and also in my life but the most painful thing is that when his son died before him he could not even carry his body to burry, he said.

Samdech Hun Sen has considered his son case was just a small problem comparing to the big problem happened in all over the country during genocide regime. However, it was sorrowful for him and his family. In the ceremony he prayed for his son but he also not forgot all Cambodian who even had worse fate than him. Some people’s wife, parents, relatives, husband were pulled to kill cruelly, he said.

Grave of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s son was under a fifty-year old Strychnine tree. It is very simple if some body not observes clearly they would not know it is Hun Sen’s son grave.

Lots of indescribable painful has left from Khmer Rough regime on Cambodian people and also Samdach Hun Sen and his wife.

Eang Ei ex-postman in Khmer Rough regime in the east region described the story happened to Hun Komsot, the first child of Hun Sen, that on November 10, 1976, he arrived in 21 region hospital (presently Me Mut Bun Rany Hun Sen High School) , Me Mut district, Kampong Cham province.

He saw clearly when Samdech Hun Sen’s son was born. The nurse carried the baby to clean his body and was unintentionally fell off from their hand on stone then broke his neck to die immediately. They did not tell Bun Rany anything about this. They threw away the dead baby behind the hospital in the thick forest, which he remembered now around the Strychnine tree in Me Mut Bun Rany Hun Sen High School, Eang Ei said.

It was too distress for a mother heart that could not see even the face of her just born baby then passed away, need caring from her husband but were not permitted, he said.

Extracted from: Reasmei Kampuchea, 14-413, Sunday- Monday 12-13/11/2006


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    Hun Sen Celebrate Traditional Ceremony for His First Son Dead

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    Hun Sen Celebrate Traditional Ceremony for His First Son Dead

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