Beer Garden

Posted by khmernews on November 15, 2006

By Tarotom

There are many men go to Beer Garden for their funny time after work hard, especially in the week end. Last night, I went to Beer Garden with my colleagues to spend time together after got tired for a whole day.
Well, it was a great time for me to join with them because I can ate delicious food, got some drink and we had have a lot of thing to share to each other for earning more fun. Separately, it can be seen that there were a lot of beautiful girls in that Beer Garden. The most of them were singer and beer seller. I also took this opportunity to have a beautiful girl to sit with. If this sentence has been read by a girl then she thought that most of the men are bad but I think it is not bad at all because it is just time life. The real brain behind ladies thought that the good men are the men who stay at home the most at night. Do you think so?

What I need is suddenly come to me, my friend called the singer for me, wow…. how beautiful she is! I just got it and it is the real one. She name was Niya, 20 years old, she was working for this Beer Garden for 6 months already. I asked her to take but she refused even I tried many time because she might think that her pic will be release by the wrong way.

Talk about my colleagues, they were getting one for each. The time went by and we had celebrated it together.  The songs sang by singer and following modern song that is popularity to the men and ladies in Cambodia. Suddenly, one of the singers sang a cool song call “Som Oun a So”, it make me felt full of romantic at that time.  I just began like this song.

Anyway, even the great time was spending but there was a shock case happened to my mind around 9 o’clock, one child come from elsewhere made massage for my friend and hidden behind his back. It was really pity for that boy, he was about 9 years old and he has no parent only sister was mango vendor. My friend gave him 1000 riel.

Ok that is all about what was happened last night.


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