People’s outlook on Khmer Rough Trials

Posted by khmernews on November 13, 2006

Khmer Rough trials seems inactive but Cambodians living abroad and non-government organizations still have notice and follow closely to the question if the court will offer justice to Cambodian victims who lost their lives in genocide regime.

Some Cambodian staying outside the country wants to be witness in Khmer Rough trial court. Yen Sem staying in France has shown his eager to be a witness in the trials in his letter to Sam Leng Yuk Veak Chun Khmer newspaper.

“ With respect to Extraordinary Chambers in Court of Cambodia: I am Yen Sem, 67, was born in Sam Roung village, Kampong Am Pel Commune, Rum Doul district, Svay Reang province. I was, 1960-1980, a teacher at Kilo 3 village, Chamkar Kaosou, Prek Kok, Steng Trang district, Kampong Cham province. I used to work with liberation group from 1980-1983 with village political chief position, I am unmistakably known Khmer Rough genocide act on more than two millions Cambodian. I have confident and guarantee that I would identify the true and answer to the judges for all mistaken understanding from national and international thought. I am hopefully the court would allow me to reveal all fact to the whole Cambodian and the world”, Yen Sem said in his letter.

Khmer Kampuchea Krom Vision Struggle program for human right director, Thourn Saren, also issued open letter in the name of Khmer Rough tribunal follower since the beginning. He displayed his own idea and his unbelief on Khmer Rough trials process.
“Extraordinary Chambers supporters claimed through the court all Cambodian will achieve the true justice especially the victims died in Khmer Rough regime. For your thought in the name of judges and jury in the court, how will the Khmer Rough trials benefit the people of Cambodia suffered from the genocide? I think there will be no adequate fairness for the victims’ family with no more than tried 3-4 senior leaders for the crime they committed in 1975-1979.

There are lots of people have known that the ex-Hanoi city was the main actor directly provide ideology to Khmer Rough leaders. Obviously, Noun Chea, the senior Khmer Rough leader was officially appointed as Communist applicant by Hanoi. In addition, Communist China had supplied solders materials for Khmer Rough activities. The United States had also cruelly bombed to kill Cambodian. Conversely, the two countries are not involved in any allegation.

For such reason, there is no justice even no law equality for the small Cambodia. In contrast, the court is most likely to be just the tool to wash Cambodian blood from the brutal murderers. We do not have any belief the court is the efficiency method to remove Khmer Rough crime on human in Cambodia and the whole world for future generations.

We want the Chambers take its first step to continue La Ei international court investigation on involved countries to force them to responsible for any act the committed on Cambodia in the past” Thourn Saren said in his letter to Sam Leng Yuk Veak Chun Khmer.

Khmer Rough Trial is the core attention for not only Cambodian but also people from all over the world. They want to see how the killers Pol Pot, Eang Sary, Kheav Samphorn will be tried and executed. The tribunal has just started their investigation so there is presently no respond on how Khmer Rough leaders will be executed. No conclusion can be done before the court make decision to accuse any person or even the known Khmer Rough leaders who had killed millions of Cambodian people. While officially allegation has not done, any suspicion on the cruel leaders can not be made.

Extracted from:
– The Voice of Khmer Youth , Vol.13, #2886, Fri 03 November 2006.


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