Law Officers: King Sihanouk Not the One Responsible for Khmer Rough Regime

Posted by khmernews on November 13, 2006

US-Cambodians accused King Sihanouk of involving in Khmer Rough genocide which had killed almost three millions of Cambodian lives during 1975-1979.

Khmer Rough Extraordinary Chambers’ law officers and spokesmen have claimed retired King had nothing to do with Khmer Rough genocide as some of those people said.

A US-Cambodian, Siv Sak, living in the United States alleged on RFA radio on October 27, 2006 that King Sihanouk had joined with Democratic Kampuchea in which he had senior status then.

It was individual’s freedom of speech but everything and justice is depend on the law of Extraordinary Chambers for Khmer Rough trial, retired King’s senior advisor Say Bory explained of Siv Sak’ s view.

He could not explain anything clearly about that problem; it is the crucial role of Extraordinary Chambers to process the trial, said Dr. Say Bory. Referring to law Say Bory has no right to say something before the real trial happen.

Retired King Sihanouk was likely to be a leader appointed by Khmer Rough. Individual’s accusation was just freedom of speech, said Sok Samearn, director of Cambodian Human Right organization.

“At that time, anyone knew retired king was the head of state in Khmer Rough regime but the important is who decide and appointed that role for him? It is just his idea to clarify the king position but everyone already knew about this”, said Sok Samearn.

Khmer Rough court tried only senior leaders who was known in Khmer Rough history, said Reach Sambat, Extraordinary Chambers spokesman.

Defamation of retired king was banned in Cambodian institution. Thus, anyone said this or that person has involved in the crime it just their right for giving speech. In chapter 7 of the law said no one can dirty his majesty’s honor and referring to history he was also a victim during Khmer Rough regime. He was detained in Royal palace, said Reach Sambat.

His majesty said again and again that he is ready to join and clarify in Khmer Rough trial court and claimed that even his family and relatives was killed in the genocide.

Khmer Rough Extraordinary Chambers is a mixed national-international tribunal which got forty millions dollars fund from UN of Khmer Rough trial 56 millions whole expend. The tribunal must obey Cambodian law and talk in English. All investigation on proof and documents as well as allegation of person responsible for killing Cambodian has done by national and international co-jury and co-judge.

Until now, national and international co-jury has not yet accused of anyone for committed the crime during Khmer Rough regime. However, Ta Mok, who died few months ago, had been detained by government for trial with Duch called Kang Geek Eave, ex-chief Toul Sleng prison.

Genocide senior leaders such as Eang Sary, Noun Chea, and Kheav Samphorn are living freely and do not want to see the trial court happen. Until such time Khmer Rough tribunal are slowly going forward. Some of financial intended for the trial activities were seen gone to buy cars for judges and jury and their expense in traveling abroad.

Noun Chea, one of the vital Khmer Rough leaders, proposed for 56 millions dollar to be used for poor reduction in Cambodia instead of for Khmer Rough leaders’ trials.

Extracted from:
– The Voice of Khmer Youth , Vol.13, #2882, Mon 30 October 2006.


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