Khmer Rough Tribunal Confirm Smooth Process

Posted by khmernews on November 13, 2006

National and international co-jury and co-judge Extraordinary Chambers in Court of Cambodia was pursuing the investigation to make primary allegation on Khmer Rough leaders in order to summit the documents to co-investigating judge at the end of 2006.

Until now the Extraordinary Chambers has achieved many tasks in which a Cambodian co-jury and international co-jury were making initial investigation for accusation, said Reach Sambat, Khmer Rough tribunal’ s spokesman.

The inquiries were going smoothly. He also turned down the speculation of financial shortage in the court. The financial agreement of Cambodian government and UN was made for the next two years, he said.

National and international co-judges had beginning their tasks in the middle of July 2006 and the trial would start in 2007. The Khmer Rough trial will be made only on senior leaders such as Eang Sary, Kheav Samphorn, Noun Chea, and ex- bureau S-21 chief Duch in Toul Sleng prison who were detained in army court for tribunal. The Extraordinary Chambers has no right to execute potential involved- country leaders, China-Vietnam-US-and Russia, joined in Democratic Kampuchea regime against humanity, 1975-1979.

The three-year Khmer Rough trials process was agreed by Cambodian government and UN with 56 millions dollars expense which 43 millions dollars achieved from UN members and 10 millions dollars responsible by the government.

Extracted from:
– The Wat Phnom Daily , Vol.13, #1388, Tue 09 November 2006


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