Khmer Rough Deputy Prime Minister of Economic killed December, 1978

Posted by khmernews on November 13, 2006

Khmer Rough deputy prime minister of Economic, Vorn Viet, called “big brother number 5” were arrested on November 02, 1978 two months before the genocide was over.

He was tortured to give real answer by Duch’s solders in Toul Sleng prison and killed on December, 1978 for allegation of betraying party to work for ACA and Vietnam.

Vorn Vet’s original name was Thurk called Sok and after that called Te, Bern, Koun, Viet, Vorn, and final name was Vorn Viet. He was born in 1930 and was a student. He used to be a customs with 4000 Riels per moth in Sangkum Reas Niyum, 1964. His wife name Prum Phal born in 1937 was a middle class farmer. They did not mention when they got married and where they born but said they had nine children in revolution rank, Referring to documents.

It was probably cause of seriously persecution Vorn Viet said his wife joined ACA in 1966. His first son, Phien , single born in 1953 joined ACA in 1971. His second child, Phy, born in 1955, was an April 17 nurse. Her husband, Noy, also joined ACA in 1971. Vorn Vein verified that his daughter Phy had already have love affaire with Long at specific regional art. His third daughter, Sreng, born in 1960 in April 17 hospitals, Forth daughter, Peanh or Sry, born in 1962 and his fifth son, born 1965 in workroom in Por Chen Tong Airport, sixth daughter, Nhor, born in 1967, seventh son, Nuy, born 1968 in Children hospital did not join ACA. His eighth daughter, Nich, born in 1971 and ninth daughter, Heanh, born in 1974 lived with their mother.

Besides, he also described his own history. In 1948, he studies in Battambang high school. After passed high school certificate, 1952, he moved to Phnom Penh. 1953 left Phnom Penh to tie with Khmer Es Sarak. Then he left Khmer Es Sarak to be French solder in March, 1954. After that Big Brother number one ( Pol Pot) included him in Khmer Rough communist in December, 1954.

Vorn Viet had also described his struggle activities. He got succeed in April 17, 1975 to be deputy prime minister of Economic until he was arrested. His supporters were also constantly arrested. His wife, Prum Phal called Vin, was also arrested on December 06, 1978.

There were no any documents clarified where his nine children were but there were suspicion that all of them had been killed. Vorn Viet and his wife were killed in December, 1978 under Duch’s order.

Extracted from:
-Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.14, #4119, Sun-Mon  29-30 October 2006 


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