Posted by khmernews on November 8, 2006

It is easy to walk along Monivong Boulevard many times without ever noticing that one of Phnom Penh’s most historic pagodas is located in the very center of things. Wat Koh can be found on the west side of Monivong at Street 140.

Wat Koh was one of the five original pagodas set up by king Ponhea Yat in the 15th century. The monks at Wat Koh will tell you that the site is over 500 years old. But the structure was destroyed during the 1970’s, and reconstruction was only begun in 1994. As of June, 1997, the entire structure is not quite complete. No pictures have been painted either inside or outside the pagoda, so there is little of interest to see other than a few ornaments on the outside of he vihara, Perhaps the best is the garuda mounted on the naga bordering the front steps.

It is said that much of the present-day courtyard was once a most or lake which was filled in earlier this century. Nowadays there is a very active school advertising its English classes. Just inside the front gate is a sort of killing-fields monument to those who died under Pol Pot.


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