Ta Mok’s 100-Days Ceremony

Posted by khmernews on November 8, 2006

Ta Mok’s 100-days traditional ceremony was celebrated on October 28-29, 2006 in his third daughter’s house in Srass Chuk village, Tra Peang Prey commune, Ann Lung Veng district, Banteay Mean Chey province.

 The 100-days ceremony was really celebrated but the authorities were not invited. On October 28, there was traditional ceremony for his soul and offered food to monks on the next day. Anyway, we did not know how many monks were invited to pray in the ceremony, said Official in district.
Ta Mok’s 100-days were really celebrated by his family on October 28-29, 2006 but authorities and other officials were not invited. However, two Lieutenant Generals who used to be Ta Mok’s solders in Khmer Rough regime were invited and helped in the religious event, said Pery Sareaun, Ann Lung Veng governor.
Ta Mok, one of the main Khmer Rough leaders, was arrested by Cambodian government in Ann Lung Veng in 1999 and died on July 21, 2006 in hospital in Phnom Penh. Then, his family sent him to his hometown for a traditional funeral. His body was kept for only 4 days before taking to his grave at Srass Chuk temple in Srass Chuk Village. There were many people eager to see Ta Mok’s face for the last minute but they were disappointed because his face was not uncovered; his family only took his right fake leg.
When put his body in the grave, all people was amazed and wondered by Ta Mok’s family used Cambodian flag to cover his coffin. Some of them said it was not appropriated to use country flag to cover coffin.
Ta Mok’s body was the last of senior Khmer Rough leaders arrested for accusation of involved with the crimes committed during the Khmer Rough period in which over three millions of gentle Cambodian lost their lives. He controlled north-west region of the country, 1975-1979.
His death happened with the Khmer Rough trials court was created to investigate and prosecute the senior leaders of Democratic Kampuchea regime.

Extracted from:

– Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.14, #4121, Wednesday  01 December  2006


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