Pagoda built on Khmer Rough Genocide Place

Posted by khmernews on November 8, 2006

Buddhist traditional ceremony, Bon Ka Thein, was prepared to go to Khmer Rough genocide place at San Long mountain, San Long commune, Treang district, Takeo provine.

The traditional Bon Ka Thein was organized by Ms. Chheng Vanny and relatives, grandma Bun Chourn and relatives living in Phnom Penh offering to Chan Reasmey Moha Rass temple with 1165 US dollars and 5,132,200 Riels for temple building. The pagoda was created in 2000.
The pagoda started to build according to suggestions of people from eight villages in San Long commune and some people in Phnom Penh and other provinces whose relatives was killed on the place by Khmer Rough solders, said Keo Norm, the pagoda committee chief. San Long mountain was a prison in Khmer Rough regime on which around 4,000 people was prosecuted to die, he reminded.
Those people died from torture, starvation and over work. The pagoda was built to pray and offer for those spirits. We plan to build a temple on San Long peak which was the Khmer Rough site to fire and bomb toward Vietnam in 1978. We also make 778 steps to go to the temple and 207was already done. Besides, fence and gate will build later and we are also planning to build Buddha statue with five meters cross-legged. However, we still do not have enough money for the constructions and would like to call for all people who have any relatives died here to help though money or some construction materials, said Keo Norm.
Grandma Bun Sourn said “My family was jailed here during Khmer Rough regime. My mother, my husband and five of my brothers and sisters were killed here. We do not know what to do for them beside praying and offering goods for their spirits and share to build the pagoda here”.
Mony Rath, who was imprisoned here with his relatives, said during Khmer Rough period he was only 13-14 years old. He was ordered to break and carry rock, ate and slept together with all people without sufficient food and medical. They forced us to work even serious illness and ate porridge with potato leaves.
At that time his knee was so hurt can not walk but they still forced him to break rock. Many people died everyday from over- worked, starvation and untreated illness. His grandma, his uncle and his aunt lost their lives here without knowing where their grave was. In 1978, Khmer Rough took the place for keeping gun to fire Vietnam and all prisoners were evacuated to Chrey O’ Pneau Mountain, Mony Rath said.
            San Long mountain located in the south of Takeo town around 15km , 8km from national road 2 to Chan Reasmey Moha Rass with half hour driving due to bad road. Not many people know the place because it is hard to travel.  This road connect to Tany Touk Meas region to national road 3 in Kampot province, that the authority should pay much attention to repair it. Previously, the road was in good condition but was damaged during war and lack of maintaining.

Extracted from:

– Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.14, #4121, Wednesday  01 November  2006


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