Khmer Rough Trial Court Investigators Completed Training Course

Posted by khmernews on November 8, 2006

Cambodian and International investigators for co-judge investigating and co-jury office of Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia have finished their one week training course. Co-jury will give documents to co-judge investigators before the end of the year.

The tribunal was going forward smoothly while 60 Cambodian and International investigators have completed their training course on October 27, 2006. These investigators are already qualified law officer, they just need to be familiar and know more about Cambodia situation, Said ECCC’s spokesman Reach Sambat.
 The training was taught by famous international professors and international law officers who had participated in international court in Yugoslavia and with help from Cambodia law officers, he said.
ECCC’s website was officially open in three languages Khmer, English and French on October 26, 2006. All people can access to this website and get all hot news if they do not have radio, newspaper or TV. Picture news is also available on the website. All news will be updated daily, weekly and also monthly. Khmer news can be later than English due to technical problem but it can run smoothly, said Reach Sambat.
The tribunal process is going well and co-jury will officially give the checked documents to co-judge investigators prior the end of the year so they can work properly, said Sambat.
ECCC’s senior administrator, Sean Visuth, and Cambodian co-judges were introduced at Royal Administration school, he said.

Extracted from:

– Rasmei Kampuchea, Vol.14, #4119, Sunday 29 October 2006


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