Budget Lack Would Halt Khmer Rough Court

Posted by khmernews on November 8, 2006

Local and International prediction over budget problems of Khmer Rough trials were dismissed by the tribunal’ spokesman on Monday and announced that it will be process just slowly.

Fifty millions dollars funds from UN for Khmer Rough trials last only two years. There were expectations for more funds from the Unites States, who has never contributed from the beginning, to the trials for final session if budget problems happen, said tribunal’ spokesman, Reach Sambat.
Cambodian and international concern over justice of Khmer Rough trials court with budget insufficient happened after Reach Sambat has repeat mentioned about international court expense in Gowanda and Salaleon which had spent hundred millions dollars yearly. For mixed national-international tribunal has only fifty millions dollars for three years expend.
It would be proud of Cambodian and a good example for international scene if Khmer Rough trials court succeeds with such small amount of budget, Reach Sambat said.
However, investigators could not expect any justice within this multi-national court. In contrast, the court which has been seen controlled by CPP were just regards as a hide and find game. They have never shown the strong will to officially prosecute all Khmer Rough senior leaders whose their hands fully stain with millions of Cambodian blood. It shows even more clearly when the elderly Khmer Rough leaders such as Chourn Choeun, Pol Pot and Ta Mok died after each other recently while the tribunal is working so slowly.
During the Democratic Kampuchea or Khmer Rough period, 1975-1979, almost two millions of Cambodian people were killed by cruel tortures. The cruel has passed almost thirty years with no attentions from Cambodian government. However, they even plan to use the entire trials budget for Hydraulics system which shown the worse mock on Cambodian spirits who lost their lives during the genocide regime and all alive Cambodian people.
US embassy ambassador, Joseph E. Mesomeli, has seriously criticized on the slowly process over Khmer Rough trials that it was a bad law implementation which is not acceptable all over the world. Any crime dictators like Pinoje of Sili, Macos of Philippine and Sadam Hussein of Iraq were prosecute immediately after their cruel act were tried.
 The Khmer Rough trial court in Cambodia will be seen working properly no later than the middle of next year while co-jury started to implement their tasks in July and submit first documents to investigator judges, said Reach Sambat. However, it was not clear among Khmer Rough leaders who will be take for trials and executed. Senior leaders and responsible group will be tried, he said.
Even though, the Khmer Rough Extraordinary Chambers has already shown their justice by not include judge from main involved countries such as America, China, Thailand and Vietnam in order to create a fully fair trial, said investigators. The only obstacle to halt Khmer Rough trial court and let all the senior leaders live freely is the lack of budget.

Extracted from:

– Moneaksekar Khmer , Vol.13, #2998, Tuesday 31  October 2006


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