Posted by khmernews on November 7, 2006


I would not expect that I have to continue writing my diary. I think it is about time for me to reconsider what I had written. Let starting by looking at some story of LOVE.

Everybody believes that if we have true love, then everything is going to be completed from each other. Men always think that if the ladies dear to spend the rest of her life with, it definitely mean that she will be the real one for them.  

Do you believe that the real love is surely had in this world?

First of all, I would like to extract one story of my friend that happened to him seven three 5 years ago. He is absolutely sad at the present time after she left his side. He told about his story to me that it makes me have feeling sympathy for him unfortunately. The way he did is the way he showed how sweet love is, I am so proud of him about what he had done and spent.  

Sohay is my good friend we were friend since 2002. He had loved one girl and that the first love for the real person in his life experiences. It is interesting to know more about his story. What is going on in his story?

The story started in the year of 2000, on occasion of Khmer New Year, Sohay’s friends had invited him to join dinner with them in a restaurant Heng Lay which is located belong the national road 6A. While he was spending time with his friends, a wonderful lady came with many of her friends as well. Suddenly, one of his friends called out of her Dany, what bring you here? That is great to see you were here. Then they were talking as their friend relationship.

Sohay did not have any intention to find girls but she was very attractive for him. The dinner seems give enough happy to them. After finished dinner with his friends, Sohay was sitting at home by himself and looking at the sky with many stars. He did not actually know about himself why he missed her so much? Her face was already stated in his heart and it always has been at night that he can not sleep well.

Following that, Sohay knew completely that he had falling in love with that girl but he did not know how to do to meet her gain because he did not even know her before beside met her by chance in the restaurant. It is the first love for him. Well everything which the first it is hard to do. I would be accepted it because I also have experience of love with somebody that is the first love too.

What he was thinking right at that time is that following his fate just make a wish and hopefully to see her some day may come to him. The magic maybe existed by he prayed. On the date of 16 May 2000, while he was shopping he had met that wonderful girl in the Lucky Market, what did he do? He decided to ask her and just make her as friend. He had successful following his view. Since that day Dany accepted Sohay as her friend.

What will happen to them in the next step?


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