Extraordinary Chambers Should Have Good Doctors and Psychiatrists to Take Care of Khmer Rough Leaders

Posted by khmernews on November 3, 2006

By: Svay Virak

Samdech Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Royal Government of Cambodia, said in Svay Rieng, “I will go for medical checkups in France and then return to Cambodia because doctors in Cambodia are good and they can treat sick people successfully.”

Samdech went on to say that some people rely on going abroad for medical treatments. In fact, there are so many good doctors in Cambodia.

Because of good doctors in Cambodia, Comrade Mok entered Preah Ket Mealea Hospital for no longer than one month and then died because the good doctors took care of him.

Mr. Reach Sambath, the Khmer Rough Tribunal spokesperson said that when the Extraordinary Chambers open hearing for investigation, there will be 150 witnesses and 30% of them are foreign witnesses. During the process of investigating, there must be psychiatrists to take care of them in case they are mentally ill and will not be able to tell the truth in the hearing of trial of Khmer Rough leaders.

After Ta Mok’s death, different circles have criticized that no one took care of him properly or Ta Mok would not die.

The critics have continued to say that if high ranking officials’ children or the high ranking officials themselves in Khmer land have influenza only, they will go abroad for treatments. Moreover, even when the high ranking officials’ dogs get sick, veterinary surgeons will be invited for serum perfusion.

As the people are poor with not money for treatments, some people do not have even Riel 1,000 to buy medicines.

Some leaders in Khmer land have been abroad for medical treatments such as Samdech Chea Sim once went urgently to Thailand by force for medical treatment which made the public circles fear that Samdech Chea Sim would have serious health problem. At that time he did not invite a doctor for treatment but he decided to go to Thailand helter-skelter. This indicates that doctors in Khmer land can not treat Samdech Chea Sim.

Preah Mohavirak Khsatr (the Great Heroic King) as he is growing old, he have been taken care of by China’s doctors. Due to his health problem, he seldom stays in Cambodia. He mostly stays in China.

The King also goes abroad for health problems. According to the announcement by the Royal Palace, King Norodom Sihamoni also goes to China for medical checkups.
Recently, some parliamentarians requested to state in the parliamentary statute that when the parliamentarians get sick, the state should provide them funds for treatments in the country and treatments abroad. Concerning Ta Mok, Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen said, “Ta Mok was older than my mother was, I am very sorry for Ta Mok’s death.”

Some other views said that Khmer people, who survived Democratic Kampuchea Regime, have so many mental problems.

Mr. Mam Bunheng, a Secretary of State at Ministry of Health told the reporters, “I acknowledge that in Cambodia there are really many people with mental problems. According to a survey at health centers by NGOs, people really have health problems because Democratic Kampuchea Regime has resulted in darkness.

After Cambodia was free from the cruelly-human killing regime, the heath services was not guaranteed. Now, medical services in Cambodia are in progress. Mr. Heng Taikry said that Cambodia these days has better medical services and some medical students abroad come for internship in Calmette Hospital.

Extracted from:

Reach Seima, Vol.1, #46, Monday 8 September 2006


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